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QuestKing (MoP Beta)

Version: 0.9
by: Barjack [More]

All changes present here have been added to the live version of QuestKing. Please get that instead.


This addon contains no in-game configuration and is instead configured by editing values in the Lua files. If you are not comfortable doing this and require in-game configuration, this addon may not be for you. There are no current plans to add any in-game configuration.

NOTE: As of 0.9, options are now moved into a separate file called options.lua. Also, you may specify overrides for the default options in options_override.lua if you wish. Doing so may make upgrading versions easier by electing to keep your override file between versions.

This is a MoP beta version of QuestKing, a complete quest tracker/objective frame replacement. Other than bug fixes, this version adds support for new MoP features, including:

  • Scenario support, including objective tracking and scenario quests.
  • Challenge mode support, including medal timers and objectives.

When in a scenario or challenge mode, relevant objectives and timers will always be shown, and all quests will be hidden with the exception of scenario quests that are detected as being from the scenario you are in.

Any and all bug reports are very welcome. Also, this version is for MoP only and not the live client.

- Separated options out into options.lua and options_override.lua. Changing
your options in options_override.lua should allows for easier version
upgrades by keeping your options_override.lua between versions.
- Small code clean-up.

- Added separate font config option for challenge mode timer
- Added medal icons next to challenge mode timer
- Added platinum medal support (not currently used in game)
- Updated list of quest-starting items
- Changed challenge timers to more closely reflect the in-game medal colours
- Changed challenge timers to use an abbreviated time format (no hours unless
needed, no leading 0s)
- Changed the way completed scenarios are dislayed, allowing scenario quests
to continue to appear
- Adjusted challenge timer rounding to cause less resync jitter
- Scenario and challenge objectives now obey showCompletedObjectives
- Challenge timers now obey updateRate throttling for OnUpdate time/bar
- Fixed bug causing achievement timers to ignore updateRate throttling after
first update
- (Internal) Cleaned up use of WatchButton:Get -> WatchButton:GetNext

- Added support for scenarios and scenario quests
- Added support for challenge modes, including medal timer
- Fixed 5.0 achievement bitmask bug
- Fixed 5.0 bug caused by present but nil objectives (e.g. 250 Mark of the
World Tree quests, Research Project: the Mogu Dynasties)
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