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Updated: 07-07-12 05:24 PM
Updated:07-07-12 05:24 PM
Created:07-07-12 05:24 PM

Rune Refresh

Version: 1.0
by: Arkadi [More]

Rune Refresh is a very simple add-on that will play a soundbite when a rune is instantly refreshed by any means (Runic Empowerment, Blood Tap, etc). This is to remind you that you now have more resources to play with when you're busy looking at other things in battle.

Right now the soundbite is set to fire off Incanter's Absorption (sounds like a short laser beam firing, heh, it's kinda neat). To change this you can go into the lua file and swap line 5 to whatever soundbite you want it to play instead.

A later revision might include a gui with a few more options for soundbites if I tire of this one, but for now, this version is just the Incanter's Absorption sound.

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Nice idea, cheers
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