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Konungr's UI Part 10 - Raid Invite Organizer (Minimap Button Fixed)

Version: 1
by: Konungr [More]

Disclaimer: This is not my addon, I simply changed a few lines of code and reuploaded. The original author has not updated this addon in a couple of years and the minimap button did not work for me. I fixed the code and went about my business only to find out today that there was someone else it didn't work for, so I am uploaded a fixed version here and I will attempt to upload to the original addon as well...

Raid Invite Organizer

Konungr's UI Thread (MoP)

If you have any Questions or Comments about anything within my UI or this download, you are free to post on the comments page, find me in-game (Konungr - US Illidan - <Unleash>) (BattleTag: Konungr#1372), find me on FluidDruid, or at my thread on the Tuk/Elv UI Forums. My preferred method for contacting me for anything related to my UI would be my thread at Tuk/Elv. You can also see my UI in action in my 10 man Progression Feral PoV videos on my YouTube channel.

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hey just to let you know I think "GetNumParty" and "GetNumRaid" should be replaced with "GetNumGroup"
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