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Mists of Pandaria (5.0.4)
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Towelliee's Tank UI/LUI MOP Beta 1920x1080
Version: 1.2
by: towelliee, Skylin3r
Here is a fixed LUI for the Beta.

My UI is a mix of LUI and other addons. But mainly credit goes out to Loui. I been using LUI since it came out and I have never looked back. As much as I tried to see if there was something better out there, there never was.

Step 1 - BACKUP YOUR WTF / FONTS (if you have one) / INTERFACE folders. This is a mandatory step. I suggest creating a folder on the desktop named "Backup WoW" and placing it in there.

Step 2 - MOVE the WTF/INTERFACE/FONTS folder out of the WoW folder. We need the WoW folder to not have the 3 folders inside.

Step 3 - Copy the Contents of my Zip file into the WoW Beta folder.

Step 4 - Fix the WTF folder to match your account info / server info / toon info. ALSO FOR ACCOUNT NAME USE THE NAME NOT THE EMAIL. For instance mine is Bertybert NOT

1. Click the BIG INSTALL button
2. after reload answer yes to loading Towelliee's LUI Compilation settings
3. if by chance you did 2 before 1 in chat type /reflux copy LUI-Towelliee
v1.2 - July/24/2012
*disabled chat/nameplate LUI modules for now due to GetRegions() issue(moved to broken subdir).
*fixed party/raid ui error spam caused by oRA3 Promote.lua and LUI partyfix.lua.
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Only small problem is Skyliner essentially disabled the Stance bar in Bartender. ShapeshiftBar and StanceBar were merged, so all they had to do was change ShapesshiftBar occurrences to StanceBar.
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Big thanks to Skyliner from the Towelliee HD Gaming Chat for fixing this up for me.
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