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Misspelled Beta for Mists of Pandaria Beta

Version: v1.5.16
by: nrpieper [More]

Misspelled is an interactive Wow chat spell-checker, that watches chat messages you type and highlights misspellings. Any words flagged as Misspelled, can be right clicked to show a list of replacement suggestions.

Misspelled utilizes the HunSpell style, affix (prefix/suffix) compressed dictionaries. The same ones used in Chrome, Firefox, and OpenOffice. Misspelled provides suggestions based on words that phonetically sound like the misspelled word, along with suggestions based on common mistakes of spelling. While Misspelled can detect nearly the same number of correctly spelled individual words as OpenOffice, it's suggestion engine, for a misspelled word, is "somewhat" less complicated, than the HunSpell implementation.

I've included in the US English dictionary are some Warcraft specific proper nouns, including the zone names, and all Wrath/Cata dungeon and raid boss names. Your friends and guild members are also added automatically.

Misspelled includes dictionaries for US-English, UK-English, French, German, Italian, Russian (experimental), and Spanish. The appropriate dictionary, for your game client locale, will auto-load, or you can manually choose what dictionary to use from Misspelled's Interface/Addons options page.

Misspelled works with WIM (Wow Instant Messenger), and is compatible with: Prat, Skinner, Linerator and Chatter.

Note: The last word in the chat box, isn't spell checked until you type some form of word terminator, either a period, space, or some other word separating punctionation. Spell checking is very fast; but I don't want to check unneedlessly. I don't spell check the last word on a line, until it looks like your finished typing that word.

Misspelled is compatible with patch 4.3 If you are having problems with Misspelled, please try updating or disabling all other chat addons you may be running.

Mirrored here from Misspelled's home over at Curse

Bitcoin donations accepted to: 1PvCJoeEc3d8QKXh4GGtZsbKJzMHmfdkPc

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