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nUI : InfoPanel [Zygor] ( MoP Beta )

Version: r9
by: KanadiaN [More]

This was made at the request of a friend that wanted Zygor Leveling Guild in a InfoPanel. This version locks the frame for you.

In Memory of the late Shawn ( R.I.P. Bouda )

This has been updated to WoW v3.3 and the newest version of Zygor.. To make this work as intended the Info_Panel dose a check to make sure the top "Shown" Info_Panel is "nUI_InfoPanel_Zygor" and if it is not, It set's it to "nUI_InfoPanel_Zygor". this is needed now because the Zygor Guide dose a pre-Load.

This mean when you login the InfoPanel will not be the map, It will default to "nUI_InfoPanel_Zygor". this is the only way to make sure the frame is Visible for the pre-load. If it is not Visible, Zygor Guide will be UNUSABLE

In Version 1 locking in Zygor was not a option in the verson of the guide my friend had and an edit was needed to keep it in the InfoPanel. In later version of zygor locking of the zygor frame was added thus removing the need for the edit... InfoPanel [Zygor] now locks the frame for you on load.

Version 1: (Download archived version)

Version 2 : NO EDITING NEEDED (Current Download)

Config. 1 : Guide Border hidden with all steps
Zygor Guide Viewer > Display > Auto-Hide Border

Config. 2 : Guide Border hidden 1 step mode
Zygor Guide Viewer > Display > Auto-Hide Border
( You also need to click the little window icon on the top second from the right )

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