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Version: v1.0.2
by: lifetapt [More]

What is KillFeed?

KillFeed is a relatively simple addon primarily designed for PvP that provides FPS (first person shooter) style kill notifications in World of Warcraft. When someone dies in an arena or battleground, a kill notification will appear, allowing you to quickly determine who was killed by who and with what spell or ability. In addition to the attacker and victim's names, both of their class icons are displayed as well as the icon of the ability responsible for the kill.

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Is it only for PvP?

While mainly intended to be used in arenas and battlegrounds, KillFeed can also be used anywhere else. It will show notifications for players who die from NPCs or environmental damage, and it can (optionally) show notifications for killing blows against NPCs too. All of this is configurable, so if you want the addon to only be enabled in battlegrounds, but not arenas or dungeons, you can easily do that through the config UI!

How does it work? Any limitations?

KillFeed uses the combat log to listen for nearby deaths. The player and ability that last damages a target before it dies is considered the attacker and is displayed alongside the victim in the kill feed. Note that because the combat log has a limited range, KillFeed can only know about kills that occur within this range, which is about 200 yards in the open world and in dungeons. Luckily, around the release of Cataclysm, Blizzard increased the combat log range in all 10v10 and 15v15 battlegrounds to cover the entire map, so in those battlegrounds you will see all kill notifications. Alterac Valley and Isle of Conquest have smaller ranges, but it's still fairly large.

How can KillFeed be configured?

To access the configuration UI, type /killfeed or /kf. You can change various settings, such as the size of the feed, the maximum number of kills displayed, the display and fadeout durations, and more. You can also tell KillFeed to disable itself in certain areas of the game, such as instances or in the open world.

To move KillFeed from its default location at the bottom of the screen, type /kf to open the config UI and make sure "Lock Kill Feed" is unchecked. Then you're free to drag it anywhere you like. If you click "Toggle Background", the area where KillFeed displays notifications will be colored in dark gray so that you can align it perfectly along your UI setup.

What's next?

Appearance customization options are rather limited in this release, so those will likely be added soon. The ability to change the font and to assign border and background textures are among the planned improvements. In addition, I'd like to use coordinate data to provide some useful information in kill notifications... for example, in Arathi Basin, KillFeed might be able to tell you where someone died (ie. near Stables, or near Gold Mine). If you've got suggestions, let me know!

Contact and Support

If you need help or have a suggestion, feel free to post a comment right here on Curse, or you can go ahead and send an email to <[email protected]>!

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-Fixed (another) tiny issue where the wrong font was being used due to a typo in the font path. This is the last upload for a while, I swear!

-Fixed a tiny issue where the addon would throw a Lua error upon login (from attempting to read a preference before SavedVariables were finished loading)

-Initial upload
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