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Updated: 08-29-12 08:46 PM
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Updated:08-29-12 08:46 PM
Created:08-29-12 08:46 PM

Vaurila UI

Version: 1.0
by: hokiecmo [More]

Just a bit of a compilation I'm uploading for a friend for my current, post 5.0 UI. It also has Skada and Omen in the bottom right, with transparent frames, just the bars show up. I've added Grid since I took the screenshot.

To Install: Exit the game completely. I recommend renaming your current Interface and WTF folders by adding a number after them so you can revert the changes if you don't like it much easier. If you want to revert, just delete what you've put in here and take that number off your old folders. Unzip the folder and copy/paste the Interface and WTF folders into your World of Warcraft folder, then go into the WTF folder and change the names of folders to suit your characters.

You'll need to change:
ACCOUNT_NAME to the name of the account on your ID, and rename it in all caps. If you're unsure what to name it, look inside your old one first.

Server_Name to the name of the server your character is on. This one isn't in all caps. If you have toons you want to use this on for multiple servers, copy this folder each time in the same directory for each server.

Character_Name to the name of your character. This one also isn't in all caps. Copy this folder for each character you want to use it for and rename each one to the appropriate character. Don't forget to do this again for other servers that you made earlier.

Start the game. I believe the only one that doesn't play nice is Omen. Type /omen config, press enter. Select the Profiles tab on the left, then change Copy From to Vaurila.

Now you should be set.

Addons included:

Addon Control Panel
Atlas Loot
Bartender 4
Chinchilla Minimap
Mik Scrolling Battle Text
Prat 3.0
Shadowed UF
Skada Damage Meter
TidyPlates Threat Plates

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