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AerUI - Dps UI 5.2

Version: 2.0
by: Aeriz195 [More]

The UI is configured for 1320x768 (Wide), Can and will suit all resolutions, some tweeking and configuring will be needed.

How To Install Guide:
Once you have downloaded the UI, there are 3 folders - Interface, Fonts and WTF. Place them all in your wow directory folder. Once you have placed them all into your Wow Directory (Remember to backup your current WTF and Interface folders just incase) You will open up the WTF folder and see the folder Name >YOURACCOUNTNAME, Change this to the account name you had on your current WTF folder, then open the folder, you will see YOURREALMNAME, change this to your realm name, then when you open that there will be one last folder called YOURCHARACTERNAME, change this to the characters name you want to use it on.

On each of the Interfaces there are certain elements that have had a coloured box drawn around them, here is the list of what is coloured and will explain that they are, what they do and commands to configure them;

First UI - Paladin.

Yellow Coloured Box - The elements coloured around in Yellow is OuF, this is a unit frame mod that I use to show me myself, the target, Focus, Focus Target, Boss frame Etc. The command to configre and move these around are /omf.

Red Coloured Box - This is the Boss mod addon I am using at the moment, BigWigs, This is a boss mod I am fairly comfortable with, I do prefer DXE but that has not been updated yet. As for the huge range box in the top corner next to my buffs, that does not display on my screen, however if you wish to use it, it is there for you.

Black Coloured Box - This mod is the Action bar addon I use, Bartender4, this is been styled and configured using another addon called Masque, Masque: Darion, along with ButtonFacade. To configure the style of the action bar, or the action bar itself they are both in the interface menu.

Blue Coloured Box - This addon is TellmeWhen, I really like this addon, have used it for over a year now, I use this to track my Inquisition, Cooldowns etc. To configure this the command is /tmw.
And now inside the blue boss you will see 5 bars that only show when in combat, or will fade out of combat, this is Holytrinity, a holy power addon. /holytrinity to config.

I think I have covered every element for my Paladins UI, now for the rogue and Druid UI. The 3 of them are very similar, the only differences are that I use different addons for all of them.

Rogue UI -

As said above, the UI is very similar, the only differences on this UI is the combo point addon, and the positioning and tellmewhen options.

Yellow Coloured Box - This is the Combo point addon I use, simple and the command is /cbp (Unlock / Lock) if you wanna move it around.

Red Coloured Box - This is just the Tellmewhen addon I stated about earlier, /tmw do edit.

Druid UI -

The druid Interface is again similar but it has elements in it that I didn't get to show in earlier Screenshots.

Yellow Coloured Box - This is Classtimers, for some it might look very different, others might now what I did to configure it like this, it is showing icons instead of standard bars counting down. /classtimer to edit.

Red Coloured Box - I now realise there are two, but however, the obvious differences are one is a cast bar and one is a damage showing addon called MSBT, I have configured it and it took a hell of a lot of time to get it like this, as it displays, I have edited them into 3 different types and places, Critical Hits, Normal hits, and the third on the end if for those that have gurthalak, it displays the damage that the tentacle does (Mind flay). /msbt to configure.

Red/brown coloured sort of box (Above the castbar) - This addon is the Balance Power Tracker addon, showing how close / what eclipse you are at or heading to.

Pink coloured Box - This box is highlighting the nameplates, another element I didn't get to show, above the nameplates will display debuffs you have applied. the addon is tidyplates and is configurable in the interface menu.

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This UI

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