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PetCaught  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 1.1
by: lifetapt [More]

Note: Blizzard is implementing this functionality into the default UI with Patch 5.1, so this addon will be made obsolete at that point.

What's this?

PetCaught is a very simple addon that appends a "Caught" or "Not Caught" note to the tooltips of any wild battle pets you may encounter. The goal is to help you catch 'em all more easily, removing the need to check the pet journal to determine if you've already captured a certain pet.

The addon will add the note to both world tooltips as well as minimap tracking tooltips. In addition, it will note the quality of your captured pet (for example, Poor, or Uncommon) so that you can decide if you want to try to capture a higher quality of a pet you already have.

PetCaught has no UI or configuration, just drop it into your addons folder and you're good to go. If you've got suggestions or screenshots, let me know in the comments below.

-Fixed a Lua error thrown when using the Filter text box in the Pet Journal
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error when trying to search journal

first off - addon works great as intended to function. problem i have is when i open the journal to search something as soon as i type the first letter, and for each subsequent letter i get this error:

PetCaught\PetCaught-1.0.lua:15: Usage: GetPetStats(ID)
<in C code>
PetCaught\PetCaught-1.0.lua:15: in function "OnEvent"
PetCaught\PetCaught-1.0.lua:6: in function <PetCaught\PetCaught.lua:6>
<in C code>
Blizzard_PetJournal\Blizzard_PetJournal-1.0.lua:837: in function <Blizzard_PetJournal\Blizzard_PetJournal.lua:830>
<in C code>

self = <unnamed> {
LastTooltipText = ""
KnownPets = <table> {}
0 = <userdata>
AddTooltipLine = <func> @..\PetCaught.lua:29
Print = <func> @..\PetCaught.lua:39
OnEvent = <func> @..\PetCaught.lua:8
self = <unnamed> {
LastTooltipText = ""
KnownPets = <table> {}
0 = <userdata>
AddTooltipLine = <func> @..\PetCaught.lua:29
Print = <func> @..\PetCaught.lua:39
OnEvent = <func> @..\PetCaught.lua:8
numPets = 7
numOwned = 215
(for index) = 8
(for limit) = 215
(for step) = 1
i = 8
petID = nil
speciesID = nil
isOwned = nil
customName = nil
level = nil
favorite = nil
isRevoked = nil
name = nil
icon = nil
petType = nil
creatureID = nil
sourceText = nil
description = nil
isWildPet = nil
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