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Version: 1.0
by: lifetapt [More]

What's this?
RollMeter is an addon that displays your Monk's Roll/Chi Torpedo cooldown as a sort of "endurance" bar that fills and depletes. In the default UI implementation, the Roll ability icon lights up as soon as you have one charge available, but it can be hard to see the "spark" that shows the status of your second or third Roll cooldown. RollMeter aims to make it easy to quickly determine how many charges of Roll you have available right now, and how soon until you gain another charge.

How do I use it?
RollMeter comes configured right out of the box doesn't require any setup before you can begin rolling away. It'll detect how many charges of Roll/Chi Torpedo you have based on whether or not you have the Celerity talent, and it will segment the meter appropriately. You can move the meter by clicking and dragging it. But if you want to get your hands dirty with more options...

How do I configure it?
RollMeter's appearance is highly customizable. To display the Configuration UI, simply type /rollmeter or /rm. From there, you can change many aspects of RollMeter's appearance including size, transparency, color, bar texture, border texture and size size, and segment separator size and color. You can also change the orientation of the bar to make it fill horizontally or vertically. Using these settings, it's possible to make the bar match almost any UI setup!

RollMeter uses LibSharedMedia to share bar and border textures with other addons. If you haven't already done so, you should install the SharedMedia addon to gain access to more textures for the bar and border.

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Unread 03-07-13, 09:58 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Linking to Others Spells

I really like the addon, very useful when rolling in a dungeon to the next group of enemies ( when everyone just runs ahead of the tank and you have to RUN to get the agrro off them )... but heres a thought, what if you allow the addon to link with other spells such as the warlocks "Hand of Gul'dan" i think it would be awesome to link this up with not only roll but with other spells, just a thought though nothing i can't live without...
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Unread 01-19-13, 12:14 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Hi there, I really love this little addon, it does it's job perfectly and the customizability is terrific. I do have one problem though...it will not remember my texture choice for the bar and keeps resetting it to the default. How can I get it to remember my texture choice so I do not have to change it every time I load the game?
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Unread 01-03-13, 12:25 PM  
A Defias Bandit

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Roll & Epacity options request

hey, could you add sound files so when you Use and Gain a Roll.

Roll Gained = I.E. "Shotgun reload" sound clip
Roll Used = I.E. "Chang, Ching and Chong" sound clip

(other thoughts) Sega "Sonic" video game roll sounds i'm sure there is a few that would suit this addon.
(other thoughts) Nintendo "mario" or "wario" video game sounds.

Raven buff,debuff timers http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/raven
Also, could you Add more to opacity like Raven addon. (was my suggestion)
option you can find under General via "bar groups" tab after you create a bar group


Opacity "in Combat" "out of combat" "mouseover" "fade effects"
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Unread 10-09-12, 11:02 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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cool addon, simple and works as advertised. Just a simple request, could you maybe make it track the talent Momentum as well as it ties in with Rolls/Chi Torpedo. Add that and i think this mod will be a must have for all monks.
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