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Menzyl UI (1920× 1080)

Version: 3.0
by: sparow46 [More]


Backup and then delete your WTF and Interface Folders.
• Download the UI and put the new WTF and Interface Folders in.
• Rename the appropriate folders with YOUR information.
• Your Account Name
• Your Server Name
• Your Character Name
Ingame SetUp
  • Login to World of Warcraft.
  • Check that all AddOns are activated..
  • Enter World.
  • Type "/reflux switch MenzylUI
  • Press "Esc"
  • Klick on "Interface"
  • Klick on "Addons"
  • Go to "Sexy Map"
  • Choose my Profile
  • Configure your chatframes by right clicking on the chatframe and then klick on "Unlock window"
  • Configure DBM by typing "/dbm" in chat
  • Enjoy!!

  1. My Chat Frame doesnt seem to be in the right place or size...
    I dont know the reason why this happens but its simple to resize and drag into place. On the main chat frame tab, right click and unlock, use the same tab by holding down on left mouse button to drab into place. On the bottom right of the frame there should be an arrow whereas you holding on the left mouse button and drag the frames corner to fit to size.

  2. How do I add my buttons to the bar?
    Go into the Bartenter4's config by typing "/bar or /bt", uncheck the "Button Lock" and proceed with adding your buttons.

  3. My DBM is not working!
    In most cases when you update DBM, the addons are not loaded for boss and/or zones. Simply go into DBM's config by doing /dbm then on "boss" tab, drop downs mop, cataclysm and wotlk, click on a zone and click "load addon".

  4. How do I scroll down in chat when the buttons are no longer there?
    You can use your mouse's scroll wheel to scroll up or down in the chat window. If you happen to have a mouse without the scroll wheel, you can type "/chatter" and uncheck the box "Hide Buttons".

  5. I can't scroll down to page 2 on my bars with shift + up/down, how can change it?
    Enter bartender4 config by typing /bar. Select "bar 1" on the left nav. To the right window select State Configuration tab and put a check mark on "ActionBar Paging".

  6. How do I access the In-game calendar?
    Mouseover the minimap.

  7. My DBM is at the wrong place, how can i fix this?
    Goto the DBM config with /dbm, search for bar config and unlock the bars. Same with notifications.

  8. My raid frames are at the wrong place!
    Type in "/vudo opt" in your chat. Klick on "Tools" and load my profile.

  9. I don't want to see nameplates on friendly targets.
    Open the Interface setting, klick on AddOns and then look for Tidy Plates. You can change it in "General Settings"


Rev. 3.0
-Updated AddOns
-Updated Raven configs.
-Changed the look of the UI

Rev. 2.0
-Updated AddOns
-Replaced Raven with Satrina Buff Frames
-Made the UI look a little bit cleaner
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Originally Posted by Kahad
Solltest vlt. den Gildenchat im 4. Pic unlesbar machen, weiß net ob dein Gildie unbedingt will das man das lesen kann : p

Schönes UI btw
danke wird gleich erledigt
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Solltest vlt. den Gildenchat im 4. Pic unlesbar machen, weiß net ob dein Gildie unbedingt will das man das lesen kann : p

Schönes UI btw
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