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Version: 1.0.5
by: gumorf [More]

This UI is heavily themed using RealUI. I really enjoyed the way the UI looked and functioned, but there were a few tweaks that I wanted. It ended up being a complete remake of that. I used quite a few different addons and based much of the layout around the way it was organized.

I left a lot of the options open for customization. Included in this addon pack is multiple Masque themes as well as 2 different nameplate options. I currently am using Caelsnameplates and have the other disabled. In addition for those healers that like options, both GridClickSets and Clique is installed. I have disabled clique by default.

The UI was designed using a 1920x1080 layout, but it may work well with smaller resolutions too since much of the UI is centered around the character screen.

Many of the panels such as Stuf and bartender fade out or disappear when no target is selected. To show your bartender bars press Ctrl and they will appear. Two mouse over extra bars are to the right side of the screen for minor things such as mounts, buffs, professions or anything else you wish to have quick access to but do not use all the time.

Installation Instructions.

Make a backup of your previous WTF and Interface folders in your WoW directory.

Extract the contents of the Addon Pack into your WoW directory's main folder.
Inside the WTF->Account->ACCOUNTNAME, change it to your account name all capitalized.
Inside that folder rename the folder ServerName to your server.
You technically do not have to rename the information in the next file, but it is available should you want my keybinds and other settings.

Once you start up wow and log in to your character type the following command.

/reflux switch RahUI

This should change all the profiles to match the my UI settings.

There may be some addons that do not properly change settings, and if this occurs you will have to copy or change the profile. I am not aware of any settings that do not work, so please let me know if something does not look proper.

If there is any questions regarding the UI elements or suggestions please leave a comment.

Big thanks to RealUI for the inspiration

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