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Tricks and Treats

Version: 1.0
by: mabusgaming [More]

Tricks and Treats:

An easy to use compiled waypoints and locations for all the candy buckets on horde and alliance, all under one addon of options using tomtom's crazy arrow.

Video of Addon: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QMw0g0xI0bQ


Hi guys! MabusGaming here from http://youtube.com/mabusgaming

I've decided to spend all of the other night programming an addon that will incorporate easily tomtom waypoint arrow system with finding all the candy buckets for tricks and treats achievements!

This addon, whether you are horde or alliance, will easily and quickly place all of the waypoint locations for tricks and treats depending on which continent you want to start with first! Instead of having to go through the boring, tedious process of looking at maps and alt tabbing back and forth, or trying to paste macros of waypoints into the game, this is all under one addon and makes it easier to get your achievements for this hallows end by eliminating all the extra work.

You simply log in, open up Tricks and Treats, select the achievement you would like to do, and presto waypoint arrows to every location, you can practically play another game while doing it!


You MUST have tomtom installed first and foremost otherwise this addon won't work.

Next, simply copy the "TricksAndTreats" folder into your "Interface/AddOns" folder.

Then log into the game, making sure it's enabled.


Type /tatreats to open up the options menu / achievement selector.

How to use:

Make sure you're on the continent you want to do the achievement for, for example tricks and treats for eastern kingdoms, I want to make sure I am at least in Eastern Kingdoms, then I select horde or alliance button depending if you're well horde or alliance!

It'll then populate on your world map, and mini map all the candy bucket locations for ease of finding, and even better yet it'll have a tomtom arrow telling you exactly the direction to go to knock them all out quickly, as tomtom will mathematically give you the closest distant points, so you can easily get every bucket.

The only catch is the addon assumes when starting the achievement run that you are in the starting location of the waypoints programmed into the addon. So the first starting point for each achievement is set by default..

So if you are Alliance begin in these zones for the achievements then click the corresponding Alliance button:

-Eastern Kingdoms: Stormwind
-Kalimdor: Darnassus
-Outland: Shattrath
-Northrend: Dalaran
-Pandaria: Shrine of Seven Stars

If you are Horde begin in these zones for the achievements and then click the corresponding Horde button:

-Eastern Kingdoms: Undercity
-Kalimdor: Orgrimmar
-Outland: Shattrath
-Northrend: Dalaran
-Pandaria: Shrine of Two Moons

Then it'll start picking the closest waypoints to you.

Hope you enjoy! If you liked this addon I spent many hours coding up for you, then please go check out my youtube page at http://youtube.com/mabusgaming and click subscribe! Thanks!

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