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Deamain UI (warlock)

Version: 1.0
by: Deamain [More]

Hi! This is my compilation for playing a warlock. Different macros to make playing a warlock more easy are also included. All my spell in macro write on russian language, but you can change spell name. You can watch my UI in Stream http://ru.twitch.tv/deamain. I'm streaming almost everyday on GMT 15:00.


Deadly Boss Mode - Bossmode.
Dominos - Action bar.
Doom_CooldownPulse - It flashes the icon of the ability in the middle of your screen whenever it becomes usable again.
DrainSouler - A 'channeling spell'-tracking addon for Affliction Warlocks (DS, HL, DL, MG).
ExtraCD - Internal CDs of talent, item and enchant.
OmniCC - Cooldown count for everything.
Pet attack - Warning you if your pet isn't attacking while you're in combat.
Quartz - Casting bar.
Raven - Powerful add for monitor buffs, debuffs, CDs, DoT, HoT and other. Recommendate!
Shadow Unit Frames - Frames for everything.
Skada - Damage meter with mode.
TellMeWhen - Tracker for CDs item and spell, buff and debuff, procs and other.
Tidy Plates - Name plates.
xCT - Combat text.
Reflux - Profile manager.

Make a backup copy of your interface and wtf folders. Extract archive contents into your wow directory and rename the folders inside the wtf folder to match your realm and character name. Next log in to the game and type /reflux switch DeamUI.

Have a nice game

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