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Tridon UI (holy paladin) 1920x1080

Version: 5.0
by: Tridon [More]

this is the UI i use for raiding and pvp on my Holy Paladin. The Ui is made for 1920x1080p. It is optimized to keep your eyes close to your feet while preforming a healing role.

- Go to your WoW folder
- BACKUP your old Interface and WTF folders, then delete them
- Unzip Tridon UI into your WoW Folder
- Click -> WTF -> Account: change "ACCOUNTNAME" to your account name
- Click -> WTF -> Account -> ACCOUNTNAME: change "SERVERNAME" to your primary server name
- Click -> WTF -> Account -> ACCOUNTNAME -> ServerName: change "CHARACTERNAME" to your character name
- copy your old config.wtf file to the new WTF folder: ( ...World of Warcraft/WTF/config.wtf)
- at character selection screen click AddOns (bottom left). Check "Load out of date AddOns" and enable all
- log in your character
- type (case sensitive): /reflux switch Tridon
- if that doesn't load profiles try loading them manually
- UI Scale Must be on 1

- WeakAuras is installed in the case you wish to create your own.
- You should change the displayed Cooldowns on Hermes (cooldown tracker below raid frames) to the needs/setup of your group
- This UI is primarily for healers using 1920x1080 resolution. It can be used for other resolutions/roles, but will require a lot of configuring.
- DBM and Big Wigs are both installed and configured the same way. They are both there in the case one is more up to date or accurate than the other.

- hold-alt-rightclick item at auction house = auto auction
- hold-shift-rightclick auction = auto buy, or auto cancel

- aMail
- Auctionator
- Big Wigs
- Chatter
- Clique
- CoolLine
- Dominos
- Grid
- GridIndicatorIconBar
- GridManaBars
- Hermes
- Leatrix_Plus (reduces latency)
- Mapster
- MikScrollingBattleText
- OmniCC
- pError
- Quartz
- Raven
- Recount
- Reflux
- SexyMap
- Shadow Unit Frames
- TipTop
- WeakAuras

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