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Siege of Orgrimmar (5.4)
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ShestakUI OzEdit  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)
Version: 1.4.7
by: Medusa [More]

Hi all!

ShestakUI_OzEdit is my edited version of ShestakUI, feel free to use it if you like it.

Just like the original ShestakUI, this is a pixel perfect, multilingual, lightweight, modular and complete UI overhaul, suitable for PvE, PvP and RP; almost all the default frames are skinned and are also included skins of many other AddOns to better fit to the UI style (you’ll find a complete list here).

Like ShestakUI, the UI has a lot of (optional) features, including: average item level on tooltip, auto-repairs, auto-sell gray items, buff/cooldown/debuff/proc. tracker, casting bar ticks, flask/food checker, self and raid buffs reminders, threat meter and many more!

All classes and all roles are supported.

The UI works with any resolution above 1280 pixels horizontally (full screen mode and 1x multisampling) and its installation is easy and automatic: just a few clicks.

Typing "/moveui", you can move most of the elements of the UI and you'll find the UI options menu typing "/cfg"; instead, to reload the whole interface, just type "/rl".

Mouseovering the bottom right corner of the chat, you'll find a button:
* Left click it to copy the chat text.
** Right click it to open the chat menu.
** Middle click it to make a roll (1-100).

If you're looking for the micro menu, right click on the minimap or, if you prefer, enable the micro menu by the options menu.

Compared to the original ShestakUI, the major differences are aesthetic changes (mainly regarding default positions and unit frames) and also I've embedded some nice features proposed by Shestak UI forum members.

Some Useful Slash Commands
* "/align" --> To show a grid useful for positioning the frames.
** "/clear" --> To clean the chat.
*** "/tdr" --> To show and move the embedded diminishing returns tracker.
**** "/teb" --> To show the Extra Action Button (Shift + left click near the icon border to move it).
***** "/uihelp" --> To show many other slash commands of the UI.

The default raid setup is the 25-Man: if you want to show more or fewer groups, you can enable/disable them with the options menu (up to 40-Man).

* Backup your WTF folder (located inside the WoW directory on your computer).
** Download the archive, extract the 3 folders (ShestakUI, ShestakUI_Config and ShestakUI_Filger) and put them all into the WoW AddOns folder.
*** Login and play!

Optional Setups
If you play with DBM, you might consider to use in game this slash command to get an optimal configuration: "/settings dbm".
If you don't want to use the combat text of ShestakUI and prefer to play with MSBT, you might consider to use in game this slash command to get an optimal configuration: "/settings msbt".
If you play with Skada, you might consider to use in game this slash command to get an optimal configuration: "/settings skada".

There's also a slash command for an optimal configuration of DXE ("/settings dxe"), but as far as I know at the moment that mod is outdated.

AddOns List
* ShestakUI
** ShestakUI Config
*** ShestakUI Filger

As I already said, ShestakUI is a multilingual UI and all localizations are supported, however the Italian is my native language and all localization strings added by me are "Goooooooooogle translated" (except those in English and those in Italian): your help for a more accurate translation is welcome!

Aelb, Alwa, Baine, Chubidu, Cranan, eXecrate, F5Hellbound, Ianchan, Leg883, Mania, Nanjiqq, Oz (that's me!), Puree, Seal, Shestak, Sinaris, Spacedragon, Tat2dawn, Tibles, Vienchen, Wetxius.

Extra thread. repository.

The UI has its own in game menu, but you can't change all the options with it: to change some of them (like color borders, fonts or the positions of buff/cooldown/debuff/proc. tracker) you need to manually edit some .lua files.
Use a plain text editor (I suggest Notepad++), open the ShestakUI folder (or the ShestakUI_Filger folder) and then open the Config folder: you'll find some .lua files. Open the file you want to edit with the plain text editor and start to change the options as you want, but remember to backup those files before updating or you'll lose your editing.

For any question, suggestion and for bugs reporting, please use my Author Portal or click here (otherwise write a post here or leave a comment on GitHub).

Feedbacks are always appreciated!

Thanks & Credits
All credits and all rights for all AddOns and for all included modules go out only to the authors, whom I thank for their creativity and their work.

I have done just a little bit of editing and nothing more.

A big thank go out to Shestak for his permission to edit his UI and then share it, for his patience and his help and for the amazing work on his AddOns.
Other thanks go out to Akimba, anj, Antthemage, Crunching, Baine, Dandruff, DesFolk, Elfrey, Ente, Erratic, Falchior, Gromcha, Halogen, Homicidal Retribution, ILF7, Illusion, Ipton, ivancr72, k07n, Kazarl, Leots, m2jest1c, MoLLIa, Nagiko, Nefrit, Noobolov, Obakol, PterOs, rwk, Sart, Scorpions, Sinaris, Sitatunga, Sw2rT1, tonyis3l33t, Wetxius, Yakodzuna, UI Users, Italian and Russian Community.

A special thank goes out to all the members of community, to all contributors of ShestakUI projects and to all my guildies.

First of all: Shestak!
Other credits go out to AcidWeb, Aezay, Affli, Ailae, Allez, ALZA, Ammo, Astromech, Beoko, Bitbyte, Blamdarot, Bozo, Caellian, Califpornia, Camealion, Chiril, CrusaderHeimdall, Cybey, Dawn, Don Kaban, Dridzt, Duffed, Durcyn, Eclipse, Egingell, Elv22, Evilpaul, Evl, Favorit, Fernir, Foof, Freebaser, g0st, gi2k15, Gorlasch, Gsuz, Haleth, Haste, Hoochie, Hungtar, HyPeRnIcS, Hydra, Ildyria, iSpawnAtHome, ivancr72, Jaslm, Karl_w_w, Karudon, Katae, Kemayo, Killakhan, Kraftman, Kunda, Leatrix, m2jest1c, Magdain, Meurtcriss, Monolit, MrRuben5, Myrilandell of Lothar, Nathanyel, Nefarion, Nightcracker, Nils Ruesch, p3lim, Partha, Phanx, pvtschlag, Rahanprout, Renstrom, RustamIrzaev, rwk, Safturento, Sara.Festung, SDPhantom, Sildor, Silverwind, SinaC, Sinaris, Slakah, Soeters, Starlon, Suicidal Katt, Syzgyn, Tekkub, Telroth, Thalyra, Thizzelle, Tia Lynn, Timmy2250, Tohveli, tonyis3l33t, Tukz, Tuller, Veev, Villiv, Vladinator, Wetxius, Woffle of Dark Iron, Wrug, Xuerian, Yleaf, Zork.

I don't accept donations, but if you want to contribute to the whole UI development and maintaining, please consider to support Shestak: more details clicking here.
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Originally Posted by Baine
Thanks for the help!

For the BadTank feature it's an issue of original ShestakUI_Extra (checked right now), I informed Shestak.
EDIT: fixed on GitHub, I'll include it in the next release.

For the mage portal menu, you're right, I don't play a mage very often so I forgot to change the position of portal menu (it opens above the minimap 'cause the default position of minimap of original ShestakUI is the bottom right corner), I'll fix it.
EDIT: fixed on GitHub, I'll include it in the next release.

The button left to minimap is to lock the toggle feature of action bars.

Thanks again!
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very nice indeed, but got 2 things to report ^^

1: setting extra_announce.badTank = true results in the following lua error:
...ns\ShestakUI_Extra\Modules\Announcements\BadTank.lua:489: attempt to index field 'extra_general' (a nil value)
Count: 1

Call Stack:
[C]: ?
...ns\ShestakUI_Extra\Modules\Announcements\BadTank.lua:489: in main chunk

the part in question is the following:
lua Code:
  1. if C.extra_general.archaeology == true then
  2.     b:SetPoint("TOP", SwitchLayout, "BOTTOM", 0, -21)
  3. else
  4.     b:SetPoint("TOP", SwitchLayout, "BOTTOM", 0, -1)
  5. end

now there's 2 ways to deal with that:
adding the respective option as dummy, oder simply change that code to
lua Code:
  1. b:SetPoint("TOP", SwitchLayout, "BOTTOM", 0, -21)

2nd thing: as i'm playing a mage, i noticed the mage portal menu
kind and nice and all, BUT it opens above the minimap, and thus is out of screen
that one was a bit trickier to fix
change line 30 from
lua Code:
  1. frame:CreatePanel("Invisible", C.minimap.size, (#spells) * 20 + 4, "BOTTOMLEFT", Minimap, "TOPLEFT", -2, 3)
lua Code:
  1. frame:CreatePanel("Invisible", C.minimap.size, (#spells) * 20 + 4, "TOPLEFT", Minimap, "BOTTOMLEFT", -2, -8)
this results in the mage portal list being display below the minimap

i also took the freedom to change the minimap button position to toggle the portal list to the bottomleft, changing line 62 from
lua Code:
  1. button:SetPoint("TOPLEFT", Minimap, "TOPLEFT")
lua Code:
  1. button:SetPoint("BOTTOMLEFT", Minimap, "BOTTOMLEFT")

now, i got one question:
the button left to the minimap, above the layout switch button, which is labeled with a red L by default, what does it do? couldn't find it in the script, and nothing seemed to change upon click

thanks for the edit, didn't really like the class color scheme of shestak, and was to lazy to change it myself^^
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Originally Posted by Doomerez
This... THIS SIR! Is epic
Thanks a million, I'm glad you like it!
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Unread 11-03-12, 04:21 AM  
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This... THIS SIR! Is epic
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