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Version: 1.0
by: Wanky [More]

SimpleCalc - A lightweight calculator for everyday usage.

To use: Works like any other simplistic calculator you've used. Enter a number, press an operator, enter another number, press enter, receive magic.

Not supported: Percentages, expressions, order of operations, non-English languages.

Calculator commands:
/calc: Toggle showing/hiding of calculator window.
/calc lock: Toggle locking/unlocking of calculator window. When unlocked, also allows you to change transparency with the mouse wheel.
/calc digits <1-9>: Change number of significant digits.
/calc help: Shows this display ingame.

A note:
This is a first project. As such, I welcome anyone to look through my code and tell me what could be improved upon. And, of course, bug reports are always helpful, too (However, please don't include the list of addons you're running). Thanks!

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