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Updated:11-29-12 02:43 PM
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Drunk Fish Deluxe

Version: Alpha 2
by: Thortok2000 [More]

- Jogu the Drunk has gotten smarter! Understanding that some crops are simply worth more than others, he will now recommend what you should plant via whisper for maximum profit potential! You don't even have to go and talk to him!

- If it's possible that a crop may have a bigger profit if it's the crop of the day (7 per seed instead of 5), he'll list potential profitable crops and advise you to come and talk with him in case the crop of the day is on that list (in which case, that's the one you should plant). If the crop of the day is not on his list, stick with the original recommendation! (If this is unnecessary, you won't get a warning and won't even have to talk to Jogu at all, saving you money if you don't have him at Best Friend yet! But c'mon, Jogu's awesome, you should give him apples and steamed carrots and alcohol!)

- Jogu will automatically detect if you are at your farm and whisper you a recommendation as soon as you arrive!

- Jogu will even recommend what you should spend your IronPaw Tokens on, and what you should spend your Spirit of Harmony on! He will automatically whisper you as you approach these vendors!

- More features/customizations and localizations are planned!


- No configuration at this time. Install and turn on the addon, and the Drunk Fish will whisper you. Turn it off or uninstall it, and he won't. In the future, everything will be configurable. This is just an alpha.

- Currently Auctioneer Advanced is required. I recommend also having the Appraiser module. You can get the latest (preview) version of the full suite here (which includes the Appraiser module): http://auctioneeraddon.com/dl/Preview/ (Make sure you get the Suite to make sure you have the Appraiser module.)

- (Supporting other auction-related addons as alternate pricing models is planned for future versions.)

- The whispers are automatic and assume you are Exalted with the Tillers and have a 16-slot farm. Customizing these whispers based on the status of your farm (and/or disabling them and using slash commands instead) are planned for future features.

- If you don't keep your auction data up to date, obviously the Drunk Fish will not have the best recommendations. A possible future feature is to disable until you have down a scan of the AH this session.

5.1 (Alpha 2) - 11/29/2012

- Quick fix for Golden Lotus x2 instead of Golden Lotus x3 when buying a Spirit of Harmony, a change in 5.1.

- I would be happy to support other auction-related addons for pricing but have yet to find the API for how to get pricing using their addons. Will do some more research and see if I can just figure it out myself.

- If you have an auction-related pricing addon you'd like to see supported, please mention it in the comments!

- Customization and slash-commands will be added after I get alternative addon support in.

- I'm noticing a bug where asking for pricing data immediately on logging in would return prices only for items currently in your inventory. So if you had logged out at your ranch it would recommend 'Witchberries' above all else when you logged in if you happened to have some in your bags even though it wasn't the best recommendation. To fix this, I've put a 10 second delay before the first recommendation is given, so if you log in inside one of the trigger areas, simply leave and return (after 10 seconds has passed since you logged in) to get your recommendation. I'll try to find a more effective fix once I understand why this is happening.
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11-24-12 05:22 AM

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Unread 08-11-13, 12:36 PM  
A Black Drake

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Hope you'll add Auctionator support
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Unread 11-25-12, 03:08 PM  
A Cobalt Mageweaver
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It would be super to see AuctionLite support added, because this seems like a nifty mod.
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Unread 11-24-12, 12:50 PM  
A Defias Bandit
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I'll add Auctionator support soon! Possibly today.

You can help by supplying the API for getting a price for an itemID. Something like GetAuctionBuyout(itemID) or some such.
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Unread 11-24-12, 12:24 PM  
A Defias Bandit
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Aww, I wish this worked with Auctionator instead of Auctioneer. It's an awesome idea for an addon anyway!
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