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Kozzo's Compilation

Version: 5.1
by: freshrip [More]

I stream daily and have had requests for my UI. (www.twitch.tv/kozzo21)

This UI is great for raiding/PvE

You may want to DISABLE BALANCE POWER TRACKER if you don't need it. It is the yellow/blue bar in the middle of my screen. You may UNCHECK it to disable it.

You will have saved Weak Auras proper for a balance druid. You may delete these weak auras.


1. Back up your old WTF, Interface and/or fonts folder by moving them to a new location out of your WoW folder.

2. Download and Extract the new UI and move the new WTF, Interface and Fonts folder into your WoW folder.

You need to pick the correct WTF folder depending on what resolution you use. Delete the other ones you’re not using. Rename the WTF folder that you need to use to say just "WTF" without the quotes.

3. Rename WoW/WTF/Account/ACCOUNTNAME into your WoW Account Name (Original account name, not your battle.net email address. To find this out if you do not know already, check the same folder in your old backed up WTF folder. Make sure you type it all in Caps)

/wa opens Weak Auras
/raven opens BUFFS
/bt opens Bartender = ACTION BARS
/skada opens skada options
/prat opens chat settings

it comes with an add on helper.
It also comes with both bigwigs and deadly boss mods, you may choose which one you want to use by checking their boxes in the addons menu.

/xperl opens UNIT FRAME options

If you have any questions please comment, or go to my stream and message me/chat with me if I am online.

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