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Cab's Pony UI v2

Version: v2.1
by: Cabinet [More]

This UI is 1920x1080 res. But will work for just about any wide screen resolutions.

The UI is focused more-so towards DPS. Possibly works for tanks, but I haven't tried it out just yet. It focuses towards those who tunnel vision often. The bars are setup mid screen as well as a HUD in the middle.

Now then, my bronies and pegasisters. This pack has many pony sounds and at some point in the future I will add both the Pony Power Auras image pack, as well as the Pony Power Auras sound pack. But it will take some work with other classes to preload them for everyone.

Add-ons used in this pack;

I use Dominos because it uses alot of Blizzard's default code, thus less buggy than Bartender at times.
I added Skada because it uses much less memory than recount.
I added BigWigs because it uses much less memory than DBM.

There are quiet a few add-ons in this pack so I thought I'd try to scale down on bugs/memory usage as much as possible.

I own none of these add-ons in this pack. I only made them look pretty together.
All rights go to their respective owners.

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at the moment how its uploaded its not really a compilation but more of an addon pack.

Best way to share your compilation, including settings and such is to include the WTF folder as well. This way people don't have to change the settings for every included addon so it matches the UI in the screenshots.

All addon settings are stored under savedvariables in the WTF folder, if the addon uses account wide settings they are located in

WTF\ACCOUNT\<Account Name>\SavedVariables\
for the character specific settings they are located in

WTF\ACCOUNT\<Account Name>\<Realm Name>\<Character>\SavedVariables\
I would advise to include the WTF folder in a future update/upload. But do change the folders with your personal account/realm/character names into something defaultish and preferably only include one character folder wich contains all character specific profiles and such.

"WTF\config.wtf" contains the game settings, so this one isn't really that important for other people, but if you do include it don't forget to remove the lines with your login info

opening "WTF\config.wtf" in notepad or a similar program, you can easily remove the line with:

SET accountName "xxxxxxxx"
(because that's information that nobody but you really concerns :P)
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