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Updated: 12-13-12 04:57 PM
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Updated:12-13-12 04:57 PM
Created:12-13-12 04:57 PM
Categories:Plug-Ins & Patches, Bags, Bank, Inventory

Combuctor Masque

Version: 1
by: Taroven [More]

Adds Masque support to Combuctor. Nothing fancy, doesn't skin anything else, based on Bagnon_Facade. Requires Masque to be installed separately.

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Unread 12-26-12, 12:54 PM  
A Cyclonian
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Hi there,

I've observed that when using this addon, I have a significant amount of padding/spacing between each Combuctor bag slot. When this plug-in is disabled, the padding/spacing reverts to normal. I have not found any setting to adjust this space and am wondering if there is any way to rectify this? Having additional padding reduces the size of the icons, making it harder to see.
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