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Version: beta 2.0
by: Penpiddin [More]

This is a fan update of the original addon "Locatebuddy" by ma7hatter on Curse.

I take NO credit for the original addon, which has not been updated since patch 4.1 (april 2011).


I have simply updated the libs and fixed broken API code which was changed extensively in patch 5.0.4. I also added monk class functionality. This allows the addon to work once more.

The rights to the original addon remain totally with the author Ma7hatter. Full credit to him for the extensive work done.

Addon Description

This addon is designed to help players in Battlegrounds to easily find and locate other party/raid members or be aware where other players (such as healers are located).

Simply right click on the player you wish to mark in the raid/party frames. This will bring up the "locate buddy" option in the list (see image for further info). Click this and then simply select which icon you want to allocate to a player.

You will now be able to quickly see players you group signed with via minimap or main map. Or you can use it to mark non-grouped healers or tanks (useful in AV/IoC) in your battleground so you know where they are.

This can be especially important when playing in BGs as a group and you are not on voice comms. If you die, you can quickly see the locations of the players you have marked and re-group quickly.

This addon is best used in conjunction with a map addon such as "mapster", which allows u to place a small "zone map" on the main screen (see image).


There is some limited configuration to this addon accessed by


*** Note ***

The original addon was a beta with certain "to do's". I have not attempted to fix these, only to get the original addon to a working order again.

When in a party u will see any customised or allocated marks on minmap but you will not see them in the World map.

However, once inside a BG you will see all customised marks on all maps.

Also, when you click a mark for a player, you will not see a confirmation "yellow dot" next to the mark. However, you will see that the player is correctly marked on your map.

To install addon.

Download the .zip file and extract it to your "interface/addons" folder. Once installed you will be able to see the "locatebuddy" menu option once you "right click" a player in a party/raid.


If any other authors which to take this further and fix any functionality, then please feel free to add whatever you like.

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12-30-12 10:33 AM

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Unread 12-04-13, 09:39 AM  
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Re: Folder name was incorrect on original file

Any chance for an update for 5.4? I'm getting a lot of LUA errors and the locatebuddy icons dont show up on the main map or the battle map, just on the mini map. I love this addon, especially since blizz disabled raid icons for parties in bgs. <3
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Unread 12-30-12, 01:36 PM  
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Folder name was incorrect on original file

I have updated the download to show the correct folder name for the Zipped file.

For those who have downloaded it already and it doesnt work simply change the main folder name to


The addon will then work fine.

The latest file will work correctly.
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