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Sell Grey & Repair
Version: 16992
by: Belhatite [More]
Sell Grey & Repair / SellGreyRepair
Yes it really is that easy! Build 16862a

Automatically repairs and sells gray items when visiting a vendor.

A very simple light weight uses less than 27kb of resources, add-on. Type /sgr to open the configuration window, or use the in-game interface options controls.

Auto Repair Feature:
Allows you to choose to use available guild funds for repairs, your funds then guild funds if available, or only your gold. The add-on checks and cross checks so if you have it set for guild repairs, and you are not in a guild it will use your own gold to repair.

Auto Sell Grey Feature:
WARNING: There is no config or blacklist of items not to sell. This means if you have a grey item in your bags when you visit a vendor it will be sold.

Automatically sells grey quality items in all of your bags when you visit a vendor, it will list the items being sold as well as display the total amount earned from selling all of your gray items.

Localization: Presently this add-on works in English, Spanish, and French. If you would like to translate the add-on please send me a message so I can get you a copy of the English version to use to translate.
Build 510a: Updated a hotfix, had to place a minor delay to ensure the sell gray and repair features don't clash causing a ui error to be fired.

Build 510b: Fixed an issue where the AceTimer function was not properly loading causing sometimes silent UI errors, or firing UI errors upon logging into world.

Build 520: Updated for WoW version 5.2, a few minor changes to code to allow for lower cpu usage

Build 520c: Updated for WoW 5.2 build 16733, made a few minor changes to compensate for those having the settings of use Guild Funds set as default but the current character is not in a guild.

Build 16862: Changed the Version formatting to reflex the US Version of WoW, Corrected an issue when attempting to auto repair when you have no money and the guild bank has no money. Also Thanx to <wowplus2000> For the Korean Translations of the add-on.

Build 16862a: Had to change to the UTF-8 unicode version of the .lua to prevent odd ui errors from being thrown due to the a changes in the Korean Translation.

Build 16992: Updated for WoW Version 5.3 Build 16992.
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Hi, nice addon! But how do I turn off notifications?

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