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How Far: Battle Pet XP to Go

Version: 1.1.0 zip
by: dtylertx [More]

While grinding through pet battles to level pets I got tired of having to look for the xp remaining and determining how much more/how much longer it was going to take.. and so this addon idea was born.

This is my first addon that I'm releasing into the wild

This addon adds to/changes the output after a successful pet battle to provide you with some useful details so you don't have to hunt for them.

Now with options, giving you a good deal of control over what is displayed.

It will tell you how much xp that pet has left in the current level, the % of level completed and how many more of the last battle will level the pet and the level of your opponent group (for non PVP).

*** FYI: Untested in pvp so if you get odd behavior let me know with as much detail as possible. ***

see changelog on this page or the readme.txt file for more info on what changes in each version.

comment here or on the support thread found HERE

also found in readme.txt
2013.4.14 no code change, fixed the structure of the zip file (Thanks Wolftech)
2013.4.7 1.1.0
Implemented a first draft configuration pane. Found under interface/addons/How Far. Not Pretty but Functionality tested.
- optionally show: % Complete, How Many More Battles, HMM- the real value (decimal as in 2.42) - all default to yes

Implemented Saved Variables for said configurations; Since Pet Battles are per account, so are the saved variables
Implemented an option version (Currently 1.0.0) so I can force a reset when needed.
Implemented slash commands '/howfar /hwfr' - currently just reminds you to go to the interface/addons/how far panel.
ToDo: plan /howfar config to force show the interface/addons/how far panel.

Implemented handling of a special situation that occurs when a pet levels (it was presenting wrong information based on the old level)
Implemented optional replacement of the blizzard message rather than an additional message (1 message rather than 2)
Implemented 'more fights with <level of opponent>.' unless it is a pvp battle, then it will be 'more of the last battle.'

FYI: Untested in pvp so if you get odd behavior let me know with as much detail as possible.

2013.4.5 1.0.1

Tweaked the formatting slightly.
- Identified the % as % complete.
- adjusted the 'x of the same battle' display to show an integer with the actual fraction in parenthesis.

Began exploring an options tab for the addon. (wow thats complicated).

2013.4.5 1.0.0 Creation.
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