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Version: 1.0
by: Lunamare [More]

simply and clean raiding UI
contains everything needed for raiding.

ShadowedUnitframes as Unitframes simple and clean
Grid as raidgroupUI
Bartender bars
recount for tracking damage, healing etc.
BigWigs bossmods - i feel better about BW than DBM

some other small addons for making daylie playing easier.


1. change the names of following folders respect your own names:

WTF/Account/ACCOUNTNAME - ACCOUNTNAME = your own Accountsname, not your battle.net email
WTF/Account/ACCOUNTNAME/SERVER - SERVER = your realm name you are playing on
WTF/Account/ACCOUNTNAME/SERVER/CHARACTERNAME = name of your character you want to use this ui on (simply copy and rename this folder for each character you want the ui to use for)

2. some addons in this package need to load a profile, therefore follow these steps:

- load bartender options via "/bartender" then select profile "Lajnica - Die Aldor"
- load grid options via "/grid" and select profile "Lajnica"
- go into interface addons menu and select open recount, load profile "Lajnica - Die Aldor"
- head to BigWigs and load profile "Lajnica"

now everything should be fine.

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