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Juked 2.0

Version: 2.0
by: Inkiewow [More]

Juked has an optional main bar which tracks around 70 important cooldowns and a priority bar which tracks interrupts. Both bars can be placed, resized and managed through /juked config.

The Juked priority bar shows an icon on the screen when an enemy has used their interrupt, allowing a player to see if they have successfully juked an interrupt, instead of displaying a list of interrupts with a cooldown counter over the one that has been used.

Please contact me via the comments page if there are any issues, equally you can contact me in-game @ Samyh - EU, Outland, Alliance

Formerly known as "Interrupt Bar modified by Robrman" Updated for 5.3 by Inkie - Cooldown times fixed and monk spells added!

Type /juked config

I take no credit for this addon, it was designed by Robrman and simply altered by myself.

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Anchor Clickthrough


I am having an issue where even when the priority bar and main bar are set to hide icons, that the anchor (the single icon that controls where the prio and main bars are set) are not clickthrough, so its creating a dead space on the screen when the icons aren't even shown (and obviously when they are shown, and then appropriately clicks to move when they are unlocked).
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