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Updated: 12-16-14 08:37 PM
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Warlords of Draenor Pre-Patch (6.0.3)
Updated:12-16-14 08:37 PM
Created:06-22-13 06:23 AM
Categories:Casting Bars, Cooldowns, Buff, Debuff, Spell, DPS, Healers, Tank, Combat Mods

Cool Aid  Updated this week!

Version: 2.01
by: Taraezor [More]

Display your Cooldowns however and wherever you want. Easy to setup and oh so flexible! The essential aid to cooling down!

Warlords of Draenor Ready!!!
Finish your can of Whoopass, put down your Jeweled Fishing Pole and get back on the Cool Aid in Warlords of Draenor! Freshly updated!

What It Does
Each Cooldown is displayed as a tile. Your cooldown tiles are joined together. The set of tiles may be moved around the screen. Tiles may be displayed as vertical or horizontal lines or even as oblique lines. Or you might prefer them to be tightly clustered together.

* Tiles all have the "second hand" animation for Cool Downs
* Configurable numeric countdown display of remaining seconds
Blizzard added a new option for this in the Interface. Turn it OFF as Cool Aid is more fully featured!
* Auto hide when not aggroed, in an instance or able to attack a target
* Can force display when out of combat. Useful for setting up
* Tiles are resizable from extremely small to extremely large
* Every tile has a tooltip
* Every Interface panel has extra help available as tooltips
* Tiles can be easily moved
* No fixed way to group tiles together. It is up to you!
* Can lock the tiles to avoid accidentally moving them
* Can micro-manage how frequently the display updates
* Can quickly show/hide tiles via a chat command
* Can turn off Cool Aid in emergency situations
* NEW: Enter any Spell or Item ID (from WowHead) for ultimate control!

Not Just Spells
This is where you wonder what I have been drinking... From the "Cooldowns" panel you may select *anything* you are wearing or is present in your bags, as well as usable abilities in your current Spellbook. Got a buff or debuff? You can grab that too!

Not Just Cooldowns
Some abilities are more correctly considered 'timed recharges'. For a select few abilities I have special code to treat the ability just like a regular cool down. You get the sweeping hand and the numerical countdown. Abilities supported at the moment (more to come):

* Arcane Mage Supernova
* Druid Bear Form Savage Defence
* Monk Roll

Additionally a Shaman's Reincarnation is supported.

How To Use
After entering the world, type '/ca opt' in chat to bring up the options panel. The Cooldowns panel will also be conveniently available. Select your cooldowns from the Cooldowns panel and return to playing! From chat you can invoke the Cooldowns panel directly with '/ca coo'.

How To Move the Tiles
First check the Options Panel to ensure that CA is not locked in place. Now place your mouse over the centre area (doesn't have to be the exact centre) of the FIRST tile in the group. Left click, hold down and move, lift up when done. Finished!

If You Like Cool Aid
You might also like to check Taraezor's Hard Yards AddOn, the most accurate way to measure distance! Taraezor's main AddOn is We Don't Wipe, an excellent DPS enhancer. WDW recently hit version 3.00 and you will surely want to check it out.

Updates & Favourites
You can make Cool Aid a Favourite and get an automatic notification (PM) or email (enabled through your profile) when I update it.

Cookies, Beer & Donations
It is all about the Cookies & Beer although, and don't let Gallywix know about this, a "thank you" in the comments section fuels my programming appetite and is very much appreciated. And then, you could cut straight to Click here to lend your support! because as Gallywix would say... "time is money, friend".

* Fixed bug causing a "shadow" of the sweeping hand animation to remain on the screen after deselecting a combat target
* In WoD Monk's Roll and Celerity were internally altered by Blizzard, breaking CA's recharge animation. Fixed.
* New Spell ID feature could also have broken CA's Monk recharge. Fixed.
* Druid Savage Defence recharge now uses the new Blizzard API call
* Monk's Roll now uses the new Blizzard API call
* Arcane Mage's Supernova now uses the new Blizzard API call
* All other timed "recharge" abilities removed until able to use Blizzard API call in a future update to Cool Aid. Exception is Shaman Ascendance which should still be okay but unable to test

* Removed all Show(), Hide(), SetTimer(), etc calls as they caused taint
* Rewriting / reorganising code to be more efficient and avoid possibility of tainting
(Above two points were a lot of work coding/researching/testing)
* NEW: Can now specify Spell ID as well as Item ID. The sky is now the limit for a "cool down"
* Alter sliders so that whole as well as partial units supported as necessary
* Changed minimum requestable update frequency to "0" (i.e. as often as possible)
* Various text changes to copyright, tooltips, whatever
* NEW: Uses the correct "Unbound" icon for a Mage's Unbound Elemental. (Same for glyphed Poly)
(Blizzard provides the icons in the game files but does't use them)

* Simple coding error on ELSEIF at line 864. Doh!

* Fixes to Talent code made bad by Blizzard's API changes
* Most of the old Polymorph code now removed as irrelevant in WoD

*Correction to typos in a couple of "charges" altered with WoD

* The long promised localisation of API calls, reduction in globals etc
* New Specialisation discovery code to avoid (hopefully) the breakage of these API calls from time to time between patches
* Corrected code for the (fun) hourly easter egg salute
* Help text improvements, copyright notice, contact details etc.
* Slash command setup etc in sync with HardYards AddOn
* Interface set/save/default/ etc option mechanics reworked

* Version bump for Patch 6.0.3

* Version bump for Patch 5.4

* Now shows the "Ascendance" buffed ability icon for Enh./Ele. Shamans

* Option to hide tiles when cooldown is above any specified remaining CD
* CA was attempting to display correct/altered Mage Poly icons. Now works properly, esp. Porcupine and Glyph of Polymorph showing the correct icons that the Blizzard server for some reason never shows.
* Spellbook now correctly updated when pet goes away / comes back.
(Error was caused by my attempt to ignore apparent duplicate Event triggers)
* Error in counting Mage Polymorph glyphs (why bother? To show better icons than Blizzard defaults!)
* Fixed bug with moving Cooldowns too far from the centre of the screen
* Changing Talents now no longer gets icon positions, arrangement, etc muddled
* Fix possible attempt to show item ID tooltip instead of spell ID tooltip

* Option to display when NOT in combat/aggro/targetting attackable mob
* Can now add temporary buffs and debuffs as a Cooldown tile
* Special case abilities (some not strictly cooldowns but in fact "recharges" supported:
* Dark Soul (all of them) possible for Warlocks - select the BUFFs
* Hand of Gul'Dan for Demonology Warlocks
* Ascendance with SS/SB for Enhancement Shaman - Asc. buff better + SS
* Ascendance with Lava Beam for Elemental Shaman
* Warrior Charge
* Warrior Sheild Block
* Druid Bear Form Savage Defence
* Monk's Roll
* Paladin Clemency with Hand of Freedom / Protection / Sacrifice / Salvation
* Doesn't give up if can't find spell (and therefore texture) in the Spellbook
* No longer checks spellbook before attempting to display Tooltip
* Better We Don't Wipe integration
* Correct Class Specialization English language lookup table
* Now handles no players with specialisation
* Changes to help/about panels, especially notes for troubleshooting
* Changed display of /ca help options (yet again)

* Fix bug preventing some class/spec combinations from being able to use Cool Aid.
* We Dont Wipe AddOn support
* Show/Hide & on/off options properly differentiated and fixed
* Small change to help/about panels

* Tiles didn't auto hide when they were supposed to
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Unread 12-16-14, 08:45 PM  
A Murloc Raider
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v2.01 Tooltips for Icons

In removing my old tainted code I have had to resort to smoke and mirrors to "show" and "hide" the icons in and out of combat.

This had the consequence of making the icons not "click through".

To support "Click through" I have had no option but to remove the active tooltips. Tooltips still do function in the "/ca coo" panel.

The API gives me a one-or-the-other choice sorry!
Who wipes? We Don't Wipe - to maximise your DPS!
Have you done the Hard Yards? - for accurate distance estimation!
Try Cool Aid when you need maximum control over your Cooldowns!
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Unread 12-16-14, 08:42 PM  
A Murloc Raider
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v2.01 Timed Recharge Abilities

Blizzard have a convenient API for testing charges. Also the implementation of charges in CA was a little problematic if buffs got dispelled etc. So...

The old recharge code was removed and replaced with the much simpler Blizzard API calls (thanks Blizz lol). But as not all the previously supported recharges could be tested (as I lack the toons on my new account) then sadly Paladin Hands and the Warlock recharges have been removed from Cool Aid.

They will be reinstated if and when I get my Lock and Pally to a high enough level.

The good news is that the Druid/Monk/Mage code remains and Warrior will be added back in soonish. Also, the Shaman Ascendances never really used my old custom recharge code so that remains in CA too.
Who wipes? We Don't Wipe - to maximise your DPS!
Have you done the Hard Yards? - for accurate distance estimation!
Try Cool Aid when you need maximum control over your Cooldowns!
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Unread 12-14-14, 05:00 AM  
A Murloc Raider
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A recent patch, I guess it was around 6.0.2, means that many AddOns which previously got away with "insecure" calls were getting caught, and this AddOn was no exception.

I took the opportunity to look at every call such as "Show()", "Hide()", etc in order to remove all sources of taint in combat.

Whilst I would argue that I was using LOCALs, it remains that there is still a problem in Blizzard's new raid frame code.

Consequently, the occasional taint message (i.e. "attempt to call a protected function") will occur and name Cool Aid as the culprit, the real source of the taint lies somewhere in Blizzard's code.

Over the years this has been a problem for AddOns. I do appreciate that Blizzard are within their rights to make it as difficult as possible for AddOn authors to show and alter frames whilst in combat. It is necessary to prevent exploits.

If you really think that the problem is with Cool Aid then by all means post your findings here.

A good test is when you are in a quest "vehicle", you finish spamming the required buttons, you dismount and then you go to hand in the quest. Taint will often occur at this stage. To help it occur, beforehand show your "Interface" panel and muck around a bit with changes to AddOn parameters and then "cancel".

(Yeah, testing this.... i swear I must have abandoned the same quests over and over dozens of times lol).
Who wipes? We Don't Wipe - to maximise your DPS!
Have you done the Hard Yards? - for accurate distance estimation!
Try Cool Aid when you need maximum control over your Cooldowns!
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