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Version: 1.0.1
by: ChronSyn [More]

Ever wanted a less intrusive way to recruit members? Do you despair at 'auto recruit' addons that spam poor players with endless whispers and invites, only to be met with a decline seconds later? GuildInviteAssist is here to help!

This small addon presents just a single dropdown menu on the interface. When a player whispers the keyword "ginvite", the following will happen;
- An alert will appear in the chat box with their name
- Their name will be added to the dropdown menu

Once you click their name in the list, they'll be sent a guild invite and removed from the list. It's as simple as that!

Instead of pestering players with unwarranted and spammy requests, simply adapt your recruitment message to tell them to whisper "ginvite" and watch the members come flowing in!

The listbox can be moved anywhere on the UI by clicking and dragging the blank area on the right side of it.

This is my first WoW addon, and was put together in a single night of coding. It lacks much in the way of design, and there's no configuration UI. As my skills develop, I'll look into expanding it a little more. As of 1.0.1, GuildInviteAssist will check if a user is guilded, but please note that this is beta code and in particular may interfere with the friends frame (this includes the Friends, Who, Chat, and Raid panels). I'll be looking to improve this in future versions.

Thanks to "Woogs" from MMO-Champion for providing me with the basic example, and thanks to SGI for being such an intrusive addon for inspiring me to make this one.

All feedback and bug reports are welcome!

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06-24-13 10:36 PM

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A Kobold Labourer

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Great Idea

Though i do not use this Addon myself, i command your dedication to privacy and anti-harassment Really cool Addon for larger, higher level, more attractive Guilds however i would like a feature introduced that would attract people into joining who otherwise would not; much like how SGI spams to attract people to you rather them wanting to join.

I admire this Guild Recruitment Addon for staying clear of spamming and harassment, and would much like it to continue operating as such, so i don't know how this feature would work so the nature of this style of recruitment, i.e. spamming, mass inviting etc, would have to be devised by yourself.

Nevertheless i would much like to be introduced as though this Addon is brilliant in its direction and ethos however unfortunately i do so believe it is targeted at a minority of Players, those who own large attractive Guilds or those willing to undergo the long process of manually inviting and letting the growth of the Guild expand naturally (i myself confess to being a member of neither of those minorities), so i believe the appropriate course of action to take would be to expand the target market of this Addon by making it useful to a wider variety of Players; As i said previously i do not know how this would be achieved given the anti-spamming parameters in place though i do believe it may be possible without anyone being spammed too significantly that it would violate your policies and stance on spamming however i don't know if the process of Guild Recruitment would be overly effective if this was the case.

I leave it up to you to find a appropriate and effective middle-ground Whatever your decision, i respect your policies on spamming and commend your dedication to anti-harassment.

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