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Updated:08-26-13 04:28 AM
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Version: 1.0.2
by: squelchywelchy [More]

A number of people have approached me to upload my current UI.

I find a UI a very personal love/hate arrangement and what suits me might not satisfy someone else 100%.

Therefore I do not feel it to be for me to dictate that my addons of choice are better than what you may already be familiar and happy with.

To that end and to hopefully please those who would like a similar looking UI to mine, I have uploaded the empty panels which originated from the CaelUI by Caellion.

If you want details of a specific addon i use, drop me a PM/or leave a comment and I'll happily advise.

Unfortunately there are no magic buttons included to alter the sizings/positions of the frames (boxes), although these can be amended by editing the sqwPanels.lua file if the auto scaling does not suit your screen.

To install sqwPanels simply move or copy the sqwPanels, sqwLib and sqwMedia folders into your World of Warcraft/Interface/AddOns folder.

The panels require the included sqwLib and sqwMedia folders to work. Delete or untick these and the panels will break.

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Hi love it plz what add-ons do you use

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