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Keeper of Statistics

Version: 1.0
by: Shinri [More]

Keeper of Statistics is an addon that collects data from nearby players in your raid or party, it can then display these statistics in the guildchat!


  • You must index players for this to work. duh:P
  • /KOS to index players in your raid or party
  • /KOS clear to reset all gathered statistics
  • !stats in the guildchat will bring up a random statistic for a random player
  • !stats playername in the guildchat will bring up a random statistic for a specific player
  • People that are going to be indexed have to be very close to you

The default statistics that it gathers are few, but it can easily be extended if you're a bit crafty and doesn't mind getting your fingers dirty!

(If you're this interested, just check at the bottom of the .lua file to increase the statistics)
(note: if you add more statistics, I highly recommend that you run "/KOS clear" and start to gather information again)

Have fun and add some strange statistics!

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