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Siege of Orgrimmar (5.4)
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Version: 3.2.0
by: Soopie [More]
SoopUI 3!


The perfect balance of minimalist and comprehensive. A solution for tanks, raid leaders or anyone else that wants a clean, informative UI. Trying to juggle the roles of a tank and raid leader in a heroic raiding guild can be tough and many compilations just don't quite cut it. That's where SoopUI comes into play.

Finally happy with giving you guys a bug free, lightweight UI package. Spent the better part of a month working out all the major kinks before releasing an updated version. Hope you enjoy it.

Please Remember: Bugs/Problems cannot be fixed unless you let me know!

How to Install

1. Exit WoW
2. Navigate to your WoW directory and rename your Interface and WTF folder to InterfaceOld and WTFold.
3. Unpack the .zip
4. Copy the Interface, Fonts and the WTF folders from the zip to your WoW directory
5. Open the WTF folder go into 'Account' and do the following:
-- Change 'YOURACCOUNTNAME' to the name of your account (Its a number string)
-- Change 'YOURSERVER' to the name of your server
-- Change 'CHARACTERNAME' to your character's name
6. Launch WoW and log in
7. A window will pop up and ask if you wish to load SoopUI. Click ‘Yes’ and it will reload your UI.
8. Type /vd opt and go to tools and select SoopUI as the default profile.
9. When it asks you if you wish to ‘Copy’ ‘Overwrite’ or ‘Discard’ make sure to select Copy

Please, please, please start entirely fresh if you're upgrading from beta 1.

WeakAuras Strings
My Prot WeakAuras:
My Fury WeakAuras:

List of Addons Contained in this Compilation

Auction, Mail, and Inventory:
Auctionator – Easy to use and very powerful auctioning tool.
AdiBags – My personal favorite bag addon. Allows the creation of groups, automatic sorting, and much more.

Combat, Castbars, and Buffs:
BindPad – Lets you keybind spells and abilities right from the Spell Book.
Forte Exorcist - Cooldown line tracker
Quartz – Extremely powerful castbar addon.
Raven – Icons or bars keep you up to speed with what’s happening. Highly customizable.
SimpleTauntAnnounce – Lets you know when someone else taunts, and like the name says, announces when you taunt.
xCT+ - Lightweight, good looking alternative to MSBT. My personal favorite.

Raid Tools:
Angry Assignments – I like to think of it as sticky notes for your screen. Let’s you type out notes and send them to everyone in the group with the addon.
BloodLegion CD - Cooldown monitor
BigBrother – Informs you of who in the group is well fed and flasked up.
BigWigs – Reliable. Lightweight. Customizable. Personal preference, but I hate dbm.
oRA3 – Powerful raid assist addon. Allows you to check cooldowns, manage guild repairs and auto-promote/assign masterlooter.
WeakAuras – The most powerful, do everything addon for tracking.
wMarkers – World Flares and Raid Target bar

Everything Else:

Addon Control Panel – Loads certain addons only when needed.
AutoQuest2 - Turns in quests automatically
BadBoy – Filters out bullsh*t from chat and allows you to easily report spammers.
BugSack/BugGrabber – Catches all lua errors and can show or hide them.
Dominos – Actionbars that are extremely customizable.
kui Nameplates – Lightweight, sexy, and customizable nameplates.
oUF – Unit Frames
wChat– Lightweight chat frame
Reflux – Profile management tool
Skada – Resource efficient, multi-window damage meter that can also display threat.
SLDataText – Lightweight libDataBroker display. Similar to fubar or bazooka.
VuhDo – Raid frames that are highly customizable, does anything you’d want and ends up using less resources than Grid.
xLoot – Lootframe stylizer

SoopUI 3
+ Light on resources. Heavy on functionality
+ Automation: Repair, Invites, Interrupt Announce, Disenchant, Combat Log, Greed on Greens and more.
+ Minimap: Lightweight and minimalist
+ Various improvements and tweaks to the game as well as bug fixes for dumb blizzard stuff.

Slash Commands
/config – brings up the menu
/ui – allows you to move things around
/wfhide – hides the watch frame
/wfshow – shows the watch frame if hidden
/aload – addon loader
/reflux switch SoopUI - always goes back to defaults
/dominos - action bars
/quartz - cast bars
/aa - angryassignments
/bw - bigwigs
/pull 10 - pull timer set for 10 seconds
/vd opt - VuhDo options


WoW Interface Support Thread
PM me on WoW interface or find me on Sargeras Alliance US as Soopie

Big shout out to Phanx, Qulight, Monolit, Shestak, Hanomi, Alza, AlleyKat, Fernir, affli, Nightcracker, Allez, haste, Zork, Tekkub, Tuller, Freebaser, Haleth, drakull, P3lim, Dawn, Tukz. For the inspiration, and some code recycling. Thank you.
01/06/2014 - Version 3.0.0rc2
This is a very functional release of the compilation.

+ Unitframes were switched to modified oUF_Mono
- Reason for the change was
a) it looks better (more minimal)
b) better integration with SoopUI frame mover
+ Built in Tooltip
+ Interrupt announcer should be working as intended
+ Removed Miir Textures because they were causing serious issues
+ Included AuroraMissingTextures and Clean Icons by default
+ Updated BigWigs and oUF to the latest versions
+ Added Prat for chat
+ Included some optional addons that make things easier or that some might already be downloading
+ Various bug fixes

## To Do:

- Prevent the worldmap from using the entire screen
- Add the ability to switch to a healer friendly layout
- Cleanup code a little more and add better comments

12/22/2013 - Version 3.0.0b1
This is the initial beta release of SoopUI3. The previous beta version was scrapped and rewritten into this beta.

+ Introduction of SoopUI in game configuration /soopui
- Built in minimap w/ farm mode. Minimap disables automatically in combat.
- Automatically repairs from guild bank or personal gold.
- Datatext panel is built right into the SoopUI module.
- Automatically hides the Blizzard store button.
- Easily change the fonts globally.
+ Bartender has been replaced by Dominos (again and permanently)
- Bar 1 has modifiers Alt, Crtl, Shift for bars 6/7/8
+ Grid has been replaced by VuhDo
+ Raven short buffs and debuffs appear where the minimap is while in combat
+ BLRCT is now disabled by default.
+ BLRCT (when enabled) displays on the left side of the screen showing only cool down icons until there is a remaining time to track

12/12/2013 - Version 2.1.1
I've slacked on this, and will do better in the future.

- Various updates in order to fix the visual texture issues caused by Blizzard in the latest patch.
- Switched from Aura Frames to Raven for Buff and Debuff management.
- Included BLT Raid Cooldowns for cd tracking.
- Fixed Angry Assignments which was broken in the 5.4.2 patch
- Bartender actionbars only show on mouseover
- Removed an actionbar and added modifiers to bar 1 (shift, crtl, alt)
- Decreased the height on raid frames
- Changed location of Target Charms


- Fixed a few missing files due to staying up too late.


- Complete overhaul of 'most' addons.
- Added an install


- Revamped the entire addon compilation to work with 5.4.1.
- Switched a few addons up in order to provide a better experience and to switch up the look somewhat.

*** Install suite with different profile settings coming soon ***
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Unpacked the rar, coppied over the Interface, and changed the name of the SERVER and CHARACTER names and copied those and the Saved Variables over and it isn't working. Looks like a great UI and I want to use it. Please help.
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