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Siege of Orgrimmar (5.4)
Updated:11-13-13 04:54 AM
Created:10-27-13 06:52 PM

Pets and Mounts

Version: 1.5.3
by: Shenton [More]

Auto and random summon for your pets and mounts, highly customizable. With Data Broker support.



  • Minimap icon
  • Data Broker
  • Menu for quick access to mounts and companions
  • Bindings support
  • Clickable buttons
  • Ability to create sets of companions/mounts
  • Model frame in menu and config
  • A load of options for a full configuration
  • Ace3 clean config panel
  • Ace3 profiles
  • Load on demand configuration panel
  • A developer open to suggestions

  • Auto summon random companions
  • Add companions to favorites
  • Summon a specific companion in a specific area
  • Force one companion to summon

  • Mounts are separated in categories
  • Ground Fly Hybrid Aquatic Passenger Surface
  • Summon random mounts according to location
  • Add mounts to favorites
  • Summon a specific mount in a specific area
  • Force one mount to summon

  • Death Knight: Path of Frost when at the water surface
  • Druid: all travel forms
  • Shaman: Ghost wolf and Water Walking

Other informations

Configuration panel
There is a lot of options, and I think more will come. But every option got a description in game, you are not alone.
I will add here more informations if something is reported unclear.

Random summon
Here is the priority used by the add-on.
  1. Force one
  2. Area (user selected)
  3. Area (addon forced, ex: vashj'ir, aq40)
  4. Favorites
  5. All

This can be altered by some items, the Magic Broom or the Haunted Memento for example. Those specifics instances can be disabled in the options panel.

Impact on the system
As every add-on with a database, it is using a lot of memory. On a 64 bit client it can go to 500kb in it regular use, to 4mb when loading the configuration panel. It will return to 1mb after memory cleaning (It is automatic and not forced by the add-on).
Although it will not harass your CPU, especially in combat.

If you find an error or have a suggestion, please use the tickets system on Curse. This is better as I instantly receive an E-mail.
You can also help with the add-on localization.

- Globals check and fix
- Fixed timed re-summon

- Added a simple check when modifying buttons anchors and not docked
- Added re-summon, will summon another pet based on time
- Added popup messages system Fixed error with adding same fav with sets
- Added zones list in use, for area sets
- Added "Mass actions" to pets and mounts lists
- Fixed some copy/paste edit
- Added an option to disable the model frame
- Moved the huge ace config options table method to multiple ones, allowing full refresh without reloading the whole thing
- Added pets and mounts search on lists
- Removed a derp (check for empty table, on non integer indexed table, that was dumb, really)
- Added Curse and WowAce to credits
- Moved frames xml files to one single file
- Reworked usable pets and mounts cache table
- Added copy mouseover and copy target mounts
- Fixed and error in zone sets mounts method
- Removed button hide on ctrl+click
- Moved button lock to ctrl+click
- Added revoke pet to shift+click on button
- Added summon x category mount to shift+click on button (option selected)
- Fixed tooltip error on buttons
- Disable autopet when player call revoke, session only and reset when player call RandomPet
- Added a user input security check when creating fav with sets, prevent duplicate
- Added fav count to sets options
- Added area sets
- Added dropdowns for pets families
- Added multiple sets selection (ticket 10)
- Fixed menu model frame not showing when not displaying options root at least once
- Moved mount category 23 to hybrid (ticket 14)
- Added cache reset on some actions (forgotten those, derp)
- Added achievements to restricted mount filters
- Added pvp mounts bound to one character to restricted mounts
- Added a special filter for pets with the same name (ticket 13)
- Fixed and reworked bindings
- Added tabbed list for companions, by families
- Added a way to spot easily the named companions
- Added Shimmering Moonstone support

- Fixed chatlink error by using AceHook <3 (ticket 5)
- Reworked zones databases generator
- Added a warning with debug on and zones generation
- Delayed to the max when add-on start to take actions with pets and mounts
- Removed some old commented code
- Fixed NotifyChange for all registered options tables
- Using functions for AceConfig disabled, set and get
- Little user entry security added
- Forgotten to reset summon filters cache.. when editing their options (/me derp)
- Added custom link handling
- Reworked configuration declaration, allow custom header name on each panel
- Added about and credits to configuration panel
- Added mount summon filters
- Added bind for hybrid (ticket 3)
- Reworked some configuration parts
- Fixed dismount when flying option
- Added no hybrid when flyable option
- UTF-8 => UTF-8 without BOM (Hope it fix the tools-used no appearing)
- Fixed random versus hybrid random (ticket 3)
- Added addon communication (version number)
- Added Masque support
- Reworked options frame, if there is more to come, I need more space
- Added pets summon to options
- Fixed error with GetProfessionSkillLine when not having two professions

- Added repair category for mounts (ticket 1)
- Added exit vehicle support (ticket 1)
- Fixed pets informations gathering (filters)
- Reworked pets and mounts learning unlearning
- Added an alternative way of detecting water surface
- Added Riding Turtle to forced aquatic mounts
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