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Version: 1.2
by: Ironi [More]

iDementia is an addon with glyph/talent saving and loading features, including automated profile loading based on raid difficulty and your mouseover target.
Now you can toggle mouseover loading and warnings by using /idementia or /id slash commands.

Small preview of loading profile for dummy.

When you are saving or deleting glyphs and/or talents, iDementia will save settings only for currently active panel.
(if you have glyphs open -> it will save only glyphs, option to delete glyphs or talents can be found under "save as" menu)

Every time you save or delete profiles, iDementia will check your specialization and use it to save or delete profile, so only way to save or delete data for specialization that isn't active, is to re-spec for it.

Currently there is no option to move Glyph/Talent warning and only way to hide them is open Glyph/Talent panel and close it. iDementia will warn only once for every boss during log in session, reloading ui or respeccing will reset the warnings.

How to add new profile:
If you can target the boss:

-> Open the panel you want to save
-> Check the boxes you want to save (or use select all)
-> Click "Save For Target" button
If you can't target the boss: (you are outside the instance etc, same method works for custom profiles)
-> Open the panel you want to save
-> Check the boxes you want to save (or use select all)
-> Click "Save As" button and select the raid you want
-> iDementia will ask for boss id, you can find it from Wowhead, for instance boss id for Garrosh Hellscream (inside Siege of Orgrimmar) is 71865 (wowhead.com/npc=71865)
-> iDementia will ask for boss name, it doesn't have to be exact, for Garrosh Hellscream you could just save "Garrosh" or "the evil one", only reason the addon needs it is so you can find it later from the list without checking up the bossid

To overwrite current glyphs/talents to known boss you can use "Save" option found under "Save as"
for instance: Difficulty -> 10HC -> Garrosh Hellscream -> Protection -> Save

How to load a profile:
1) Mouseover boss out of combat
2) Left click the green arrow to load default profile
3) Right click the green arrow to load profile
For mouseover loading to work the boss you want to save has to be level ?? (boss level)
Everything outside 10,10hc,25,25hc and flex is treated as "outdoor"

If you find any bugs or errors, please report them in comments.

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+Talent buttons, now glyph & talent buttons are always shown when your talent panel is open, you can also use both of them even if you don't have glyph/talent frame open
+Custom profiles for talents
+Now you can load any profile for your current spec under Load Profiles
+/idementia and /id to toggle mouseover loading and warnings
+support to Aurora
+option to save/load custom(not related to bossid's) GLYPH profiles
fixed bugs regarding buttons showing without talent/glyph frame
fixex a bug when using "Save for target"
fixed an error when changing talent specialization for the first time
fix for custom saving
didn't remember to remove every print() from the code
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