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Akatosh UI [1920x1080]
Version: 1.1.1
by: Akatosh [More]
Uploaded version 1.1.1!
08/25/2013 09:30 GTM +1.

Read the Change log if you have the version 1.1.0 or older.

Hi all!.

Finally I managed to end my UI, and I think, that the result its pretty good, so... I decided share with all.

I hope that enjoy my interface !!

What I had in mind when creating the interface?

Usually I don't have nothing on my mind (raspy cough *female elfs*), but I know what I want, and what I don't want.
I see huge ammount of interfaces, I liked some things, but lacked others that I like it to have.

And I decide make one, with all elements that I like, joined.

o I want a minimalist UI, that don't fill the screen with tons of floating numbers and bars etc, in raid or in determinated situations have a clear screen, be question of make a wipe or no.

o I want a friendly UI to make quest, achievements, raid, and dungeon runs etc, with shorcuts and easy ways to view / acces to information / functions.

o I want a elegant UI (simple but elegant), with simetrical appereance (all simetrical that be posible).

o I want a good base to add (or) customize the functions / appareance of the UI.

o I want an UI that allow me to show / hide elements that I don't use in this moment (for example Skada / Omen, Raid cooldowns, or the Raid manager, an UI with elements of expand / collapse to avoid fill the screen with innecesary windows / info.

What my interface offer you:
o Minimalistic appareance.
o Good amount of information.
o Oriented to PVE, leveling , quest, achievements.
o A good base to modify all elements.
o Pixel perfect.
o Dark colors to avoid eye damage when it is night.
o Custom profiles on Vex Power for all Classes*.
o Pet Battle frames customized.
o Chat with a lot of functions / extras.
o Watch Frame customized.
o Very good appearance thanks to Aurora.
o Movable Frames (click the bedside of the frame and drag were you want).
o Bags organized by sections, (ALT + Right click over the items), more info here.
o Efficiency when performing actions, many shortcuts (Less common actions to access places).
* (You must select in profile manager of vexpower, and fit with your class, for example: I play with a Roge so -> vex power -> profiles -> roge / druid (load and update). and in color set load the coustom color for Rogue / Druid (load and update).

What my interface can't offer you:

o PVP Oriented.
o A lower resolution than 19020 x 1080 (Really don't try this UI on lower or higher resolutions).

What my interface need improve:

o Eficiency: In terms of eficiency, I know that exist a lot of ways to do, what my UI do, but with less consumption of CPU / Memory, I do my best, but at this moment, my knowledge is limited to that.

o Make more PVP friendly: My interface can be used for PvP, but don't have all that a "PVP" user must want. (Frames for gladius for example).

o Dependances: I like a lot Kgpanels, but for this same reason, I create dependencies to a lot of addons, to improve their appereance / utility, with scripts that are directly linked to the addon, if the addon don't be enabled / loaded, the most secure that, get a pretty pop-up with tons of errors, make sure to read all the info of this page to avoid that.

o More flexibility: In terms of flexibility, I want make the chat more flexible, the chat actually is limited to 3 tabs and has a very strict configuration, the chat is combined with a lot of panels to make it more "visual", but for this reason, its very strict to changes too.

o Color for Priest: The default "mouseover" and font on good amount of elements, is white, and the color of Priest is white too, so the appereance of the UI on Priest don't be the optimal, to fix that the best way is Class Colors of Phanx, and in their configuration change the class color of Priest for any of your taste (Reload ui to apply the changes).


[1] Make sure (sure much), that you make a copy of your previous interface, for do that, you only must copy the folders "Interface", and "WTF", contained in your WoW folder, after you do that (with the backup in a good place), delete the folders of WTF and Interface.

[2] After do the backup of your old interface, extract the files of "Akatosh-UI", the zip archive contain 2 folders, that you must paste into your WoW folder, when the old folders of "Interface", and "WTF" were.

[3] After you paste the folders, you must rename the folders contained in WTF ->, Account -> [ACCOUNTNAME], [SERVER] and [CHARACTER], be very exact with the names, a simple Cap or coma, that don't match, make that the UI don't work.
[3.1] [ACCOUNTNAME]= Name of your account.
[3.2] [SERVER]= Name of your server.
[3.3] [CHARACTER]= Name of your character.
[4] If you do all the steps well, run WoW, and adjust the system preferences.

[5] In character selection (at least the first time), make sure that you enable all the addons, and the opcion of "load old accessories", is ticked.

[6] Once you are already inside, by default, appear a pop-up confirmation, that ask you if you want apply the config of "Akatosh-Final", you must press yes, or type /reflux switch Akatosh-Final.

[7] If you have macros / binds, that you want conserve, the only that you must do, is take the files "bindings-cache", and "macros-cache" in the folder of you previous UI (by default in): [ACCOUNTNAME] or [CHARACTER], and paste to the WTF / corresponding folder of character of the new UI.

[8] Grats!, installation is complete, it's highly recommended, that you read the next point with the purpose of avoid HUGE problems.

Addon list and important information:


[E]: The addon is edited to fit with the UI appearance, depends of the situation you can disable or no, at first time, try to contac me, to fix any problem that appear with that kind of addons, I modified with custom codes and the authors do not deserve be bothered by a problem, that is possible, it is caused by me.
[N]: Never disable this addon for evade huge errors.
[F]: You can disable this addon with little/none impact).
[F][E] !dbm: (Font changed, Continum).
[F][E] ABR-Revived (Position, border style and background change to fit with the global appareance).
[F][E] AURORA (Change the default color to fit with the default color of the UI).
[F][E]Aurora Missing Textures (See below*)
[F] AURORA_RaidManager.
[N] Bartener4 (Kgpanels have script dependencies).
[F] BlizzMove.
[N][E] BLTRaidCooldowns (Size of the icons, Font altered, Kgpanels have script dependencies).
[F][E] Broker_CombatDuration (The format of the text its altered, class colors).
[F][E] Broker_LFG (Class colors, position and text altered).
[F][E] Broker_MicroMenu (Simplified, tooltip position altered).
[F][E] Broker_RaidBuffs (Tooltip altered, class colors).
[F][E] Broker_TimeToExecute (The format of the text its altered, class colors).
[N][E] Broker_wDurability (Huge modifications on this broker, Kgpanels have script dependencies).
[F] ButtonFacade.
[F][E] Buttonfacade_Nefs (I make custom textures for he, size changed).
[N][E] carBags_Nivaya (Edited the font, Kgpanels have script dependencies).
[F] DBM (All modules).
[N] Kgpanels (Really never disable that).
[F][E] Krys_DamageFont (Change the path of the font).
[F][E] Kui_Nameplates (Serveral changes here, gradient colored, castbar, positions).
[F] Kui_Nameplater_Auras.
[F][E] Masque (Change the default scales to make the buttonfacade nefs, pixel pefect).
[F] MoveAnything.
[F][E] nibChatTabs (Change the config file to get out the tabs).
[F] nibProfileLoader (After set the config in your character I recomend disable it).
[N] Omen (Kgpanels have script dependencies).
[N] ooMinimap (Kgpanels have script dependencies).
[F] Parrot.
[N][E] Prat-3.0 (Textures, and sizes modified).
[N] Prat-3.0_Extras (Prat dependencies).
[N] Prat-3.0_Libraries (Prat dependencies).
[F] Raven.
[F] Raven_Options.
[F] Reflux (Like nibProfileLoader, after configure all chars I recomend disable it).
[F] Reload_UI. (Custom created addon).
[N][E] ScrollingWatchFrame (Background,Border, Colors, Kgpanels have script dependencies).
[N] SharedMedia.
[N][E] SharedMedia_MyMedia (have custom path of textures, fonts, borders...).
[N] Skada (Kgpanels have script dependencies, fix for Pet Battles).
[F] Skada (modules).
[F][E] stAddonManager (Textures, colors).
[N][E] StatBlock_Folks (Huge changed, icons intead of text, simplified, tooltip altered, class color).
[F][E] StatBlock_Memory (Huge modified, simplified, tooltip altered, class color).
[N][E] StatBlockCore (Change the height of the elements, tons of addon dependencies, all brokers basically).
[N][E] Stuf (Fix for Pet Battles), modified boders.
[F] Stuf_Options.
[F] Stuf_Range.
[F] TipTac.
[F] TipTacOptions.
[F] TipTacTalents.
[N] vexpower (Kgpanels have script dependencies).
[N] vexrunes (Kgpanels have script dependencies).
[F][E] XPBarNone (Modified, borders, colors, tootlip).
[F][E] Grid2 (Modified texture of mouseover, borders size).

*Not all textures all included here, I exclude the textures that I don't use, but exist 5 textures, that are custom, path: [MainMenuBar] -> UI-XP-Bar and UI-XP-Mid, [Buttons] -> BLACK8X8, [CHATFRAME] -> UI-ChatIcon-BlinkHilight, [LFGFRAME] -> UI-LFG-ICON-PORTRAITROLES, if you want put all the textures, are free to do it (Click Aurora Missing Textures on the list of adove), but the most secure, that you don't use 99% of them.

The chat config: The chat window at this moment its positioned with a good amount of panels, so the size and the position of the chat is very strict, if you move or change the position, a lot elements don't fit with it, and the chat a very ugly apperance.

Special mention: To the file chat-cache.txt, this file is what contain, all the default size and position (and tabs), of the chat frame, if you create or change to another char, make sure that you put a copy of the original file of my interface (by default in the [CHARACTER] folder in the corresponding folder of your char.

Final words:

As the first version, possibly you meet with numerous errors, please say you know about (Feedback tab or PM or if you want contact me In-Game., so I can correct them, but have in mind, that I can't solve all, not all errors can be fixed for my side, or simply, I have not enough knowledge to fix.

I have invested thousands of hours to make this interface, good times .... bad times, so appreciate that even if you like it, at least the effort invested is recognized, start from scratch without having any idea of ​​programming Lua (​​and still not have it), and to achieve this, it is not easy, I literally, stopped doing all when started doing my interface, to focus all my efforts on it, exactly 1 year ago (25- nov) , so it's the best "birthday" that a UI can have, I am really happy to have finished the UI, and I can finally get back to playing wow.

Finally, thanks for all the authors, that like me, invert huge amount of time, to make like me UI, a lot of more posible, and thanks for the people that help me all this time in the forums, whitout you, that UI never can be posible to do it.

Any help to improve the UI (Feedback tab or PM), would be welcome (and I need a lot), if you need more directly help, are free to contact me In-Game.

First issues discovered, and how to fix it:

o The bars over the Unitframe texture of the player don't show!!. [Thanks Grentor]
o The Scrollbar have and extrange appareance!! [Thanks Grentor]
o Skada shows in blank!!. [Thanks Grentor]
o I want disable the default floating text![Thanks Grentor]
o I want disable the Quest log frame![Thanks Grentor]

o When I right-click a the tab of the chat, the dropdown menu disappear.
To fix that you need hold the right click and then left-click.
o I get a pop-up with errors when I click on the spellbook.
That kind of errors appear with the new patch of Blizzard, I can't do nothing to fix that.
o I want customize Raven, to select what spells I want to display / track (on the target).

o I want change the size or the position of the frames of Blizzard's default UI.

o I want change, when trigger the broker TimeToExecute, or Parrot (Floating text).

o I want change, the default stat that the "Stat panel", show.
[1.1.1] The Blizzard Pop-Up error when interactuate with the spell book, appear fixed for the side of Blizzard, Aurora Updated, with 5.4.2, I think, that the textures change a bit, and don't fit with the 1.1.0 version of the UI, Thanks to the addon author to keep the addon updated!.

[1.1.0] With that version, I implement a good amount of changes to the UI, continue with the state "trouble hunting".

[1] Raven target bars buffs / debuffs, are replaced by icons, with bars, the information is more detailled, but very limited in terms of how many bars can be shown, and don't be annoying to the user, with the icons, the info is more condensed, less detailled, but at least you can see all, something that don't happens with the bar format.

[2] Pitbull is no more needed, I edit a bit the code of Stuf (the style and size of the borders), and I do a Custom panel on Kgpanels, to cover the color of the quality border target (for example: rare, boss, elite, etc etc).

[3] Grid 2 now is used to manage the raid frames, it give me more tools to show information to the user, with more options to customize.

[4] Simple3DPortraits is no more needed, now Stuff show the portraits.

[5] Good amount of panels of Kgpanels now don't are needed (their function basically, be fix the ugly appereance of the borders of Stuf), but with the edited code that now Stuf has, the theme of the borders is totally covered.

[6] Changed the position and visivility of the tooltip, now the tooltip always is shown, and change the position, depends of how many ammount of panels have Grid2 Layout.

[7] Added a Button to Show / Hide the Whatch frame (quest frame).

[8] Updated versions of Omnicc, Skada, and Broker LFG.

[*] I make a little tutorial to edit the default stat of the "Stat Panels" Click here to see it.

***Users with version 1.0.9 or later of the UI***
Be very difficult implement all this changes 1 by 1, so If you want conserve macros / binds / config, follow the step of poin [7] of Intsllation and make a Clean Install of the UI.

Sorry for the Issues caused by this.

[1.0.8] Fixed a minor problem with the tooltip of the toggle button of "CompactRaidFrameManager", fixed a little issue with the trigger "Exec phase", don't have an scroll area asigned, so appear randomly in one of the 4 scroll areas, instead on the correct and specific asigned area, UI on state of trouble hunting.

Added a tutorial on coments section to customize the broker "TimeToExecute" and the trigger of "Exec phase!" of Parrot Click here to see it.

***Users with version 1.0.7 or later of the UI***
If you don't want Re-Install the UI, you only must do the next:

Re-download the UI and pick the next archives of the fresh download:

[WTF] -> [Account] -> [ACCOUNTNAME] -> [SavedVariables] -> Parrot.lua
[WTF] -> [Account] -> [ACCOUNTNAME] -> [SavedVariables] -> kgPanels.lua
And replace to their corresponding folders.
[1.0.7] Fixed the problem with target debuffs / buffs (like auras, presences / stances / forms, mounts or misc buffs / debuffs) not all but a good amount of then, don't shown, UI on state of trouble hunting.

Added a tutorial on coments section to customize Raven, and MoveAnything Click here to see it.

***Users with version 1.0.6 or later of the UI***
If you don't want Re-Install the UI, you only must do the next:

Re-download the UI and pick the next archives of the fresh download:

[WTF] -> [Account] -> [ACCOUNTNAME] -> [SavedVariables] -> Raven.lua
And replace to their corresponding folders.
[1.0.6] Change the position and the size of the frames (a huge amount of then), basically achievements, loot, criteria, guild, the button of "Moveanything", tooltip of PvP queue, PvE queue adjusted to fit whit the panels (More info Here).
Purged useless information of the savedvariable of Moveanything (the older versions have profile - keys of my alters, nothing usefull.
Fixed a minor problem that show 2 buttons of micromenu when the "Override" frame is visible, UI on state of trouble hunting.

***Users with version 1.0.5 or later of the UI***
If you don't want Re-Install the UI, you only must do the next:

Re-download the UI and pick the next archives of the fresh download:

[WTF] -> [Account] -> [ACCOUNTNAME] -> [SavedVariables] -> MoveAnything.lua
And replace to their corresponding folders.
[1.0.5] Fix a problem with the "Pulse" effect, on the debuff bar of Raven, constantly triger when the debuff renew so can be very annoying, UI on state of trouble hunting.

***Users with version 1.0.4 or later of the UI***
If you don't want Re-Install the UI, you only must do the next:

Re-download the UI and pick the next archives of the fresh download:

[WTF] -> [Account] -> [ACCOUNTNAME] -> [SavedVariables] -> Raven.lua
And replace to their corresponding folders.
[1.0.4] Fix the problem with Skada (don't gather any information for default), fix the problem with the size of extra action button, fixed minor details with the border of the buttons of the Pet Battle Frame, UI on state of trouble hunting.

Added Changelog in the file Readme.txt.

***Users with version 1.0.3 or later of the UI***
If you don't want Re-Install the UI, you only must do the next:

Re-download the UI and pick the next archives of the fresh download:

[WTF] -> [Account] -> [ACCOUNTNAME] -> [SavedVariables] -> Bartender4.lua
[WTF] -> [Account] -> [ACCOUNTNAME] -> [SavedVariables] -> kgPanels.lua
[WTF] -> [Account] -> [ACCOUNTNAME] -> [SavedVariables] -> Skada.lua
And replace to their corresponding folders.
[1.0.3] Fix the the banner of minimap (texture scale and position) thanks to Dinamit, Darrt and Ämbęr for give me a guild group to fix that, fix the little square that sometimes appear on the middle of the screen), UI on state of trouble hunting.

***Users with version 1.0.2 or later of the UI***
If you don't want Re-Install the UI, you only must do the next:

Re-download the UI and pick the next archives of the fresh download:

[Interface] -> [AddOns] -> [ooMinimap] -> ooMinimap.lua
[WTF] -> [Account] -> [ACCOUNTNAME] -> [SavedVariables] -> Stuf.lua
[WTF] -> [Account] -> [ACCOUNTNAME] -> [SavedVariables] -> kgPanels.lua
[WTF] -> [Account] -> [ACCOUNTNAME] -> [SavedVariables] -> Reflux.lua
And replace to their corresponding folders.

[1.0.2] Fix a problem with the borders, the texture border "WHITE8X8" have an incorrect path in SharedMedia_MyShredMedia (my fail sorry), so always appear as a green (ugly) color in unitframes like Pitbull, continue with the state "trouble hunting".

***Users with version 1.0.1 or 1.0.0 of the UI***
The only difference betwen 1.0.2 and the 1.0.1 are 1 line of code, so basically you don't need re-download and re-install the UI, the only that you need to do is:

Edit the file MyMedia.lua localed in [WoW folder] -> [Interface] -> [Addons] -> [SharedMedia_MyMedia].

And change the line 12:

LSM:Register("border", "WHITE8X8", [[Interface\\BUTTONS\\WHITE8X8]])
For that:

LSM:Register("border", "WHITE8X8", [[Interface\Buttons\WHITE8X8]])

[1.0.1] Addon uploaded with less archives that have "useless" info (*.bak files, and cache files redundant), continue with the state "trouble hunting".

[1.0.0] First version of the UI (trouble hunting).
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Unread 11-28-13, 10:06 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Hey Akatosh !

Thanks for your helpfull answer !

Raven is now working just fine and I love it

But I have still problems with my questlog :/
I went into the options of SWF and played around with them but the quests still dont want to be in the right place. I disabled the addon now so I can do quests Is it ok to have it disabled or will I get error messages from this ?

And is there a way to have the "Blizzard Damage Font" to be permanently disabled ? When I disable it by myself it turn itself back to normal after a bit. I realy just want the scrolling combat text to be visible not both. I hope there is a way to change this

I dont know why but Skada is still not showing any information (Damage or Dps). The windows just stays blank.
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Unread 11-28-13, 08:41 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Ui is awesome Im wondering Could you make this with three bars instead of two?
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Unread 11-27-13, 05:06 PM  
A Black Drake
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I hope that I help you


First of all, I see that you have a little problem with the borders of the unitframes, if you don't want download my UI one more time, pls just follow the instructions of the change log, to fix the problem, the green border in that screenshot may fit with the quality, or in general a colored border, of the target (and what I see in the screenshot that border must be yellow colored (like elite default color)), the version that I upload now have this problem fixed, really sorry for the issues that cause that error.


Ok I explain you.

In Raven config (just type /raven), enter on the section Bar Groups -> at the top-left exist the bar group named (Cooldowns), inside that section, enter in the section "Buffs", at the bottom of this secction exist a option called "White List", that secction allow you to set what cooldowns, want track, by default I put the cooldowns of my class as can you see, (DK), that you must do, is just type the name of the spells that you want track (and then push enter), I use that instead of the automatic mode, because sometimes the addon track a lot of buffs that don't be for my interest, so with that option I cant track, what I want see, and what I don't want see, I use that bars to show the most important buffs / cooldowns to see it more easy.


For the Theme of Skada, at start just do Rightclick on the panel, by default the panel show in that mode, you can change that behavior in the skada options

For the Theme of ScrollWhatchFrame (QuestLog).

That panel have a scrollbar, for improve the space used (you can use the scrollwheel of mouse up or down over the frame to scroll it), is specialy usefull when you track a lot of quest, and have a limited space to show it.

If you want change the size of the scrollbar just type /SWF options.

Appear a new window with a few options.

You must change the option of the white square as you like.

I use that instead of the default addon give, cause the textures are really buged, and when you collapse the buttons, the appareance is very ugly, (I don't recomend you change the dimensions of the windows), is ajusted to dont collide with the pet bar / raid boss frames / dbm bars / vehicle state.

If you want disable this addon, make sure that delete the panel of kgpanels too named "SFW_Fix".

(Type /kgpanels config -> enable panels -> select the panel -> and then delete.

Don't delete or modify nothing more of kgpanels, modify a diferent panel that I say you, cause a good amount of errors for sure.

Thanks for say me that issues, I include a secction on the main page of the UI!.
Last edited by Akatosh : 11-27-13 at 08:57 PM.
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Unread 11-27-13, 03:51 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Hey there !

First I want to say that your Ui is very well build and I realy like it.

Now to things that I have found that dont work as intendet:

-I have no "short buff"-bar above my own Unitframe. (I have them over the Target frame and can see my own short buffs by targeting myself) Dont know whats the issue there.)

-Skada is not showing any information atm.(As you can see on the screenshot above) I'll try to update it manualy and see if it works

-I have a problem with my Questlog. Dont know how to explain it right so just look at the screenshot.

I think at the moment that's all I have on bugs
Again thank you for your hard work on this one

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