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Mercatres' UI

Version: V1.0
by: Mercatres [More]

Addons included:

Bigwigs Bossmods
ElvUI (Download link in the readmefile)
ElvUI Addonskins (Download link in the readmefile)
Malkorok Helper

I do not own any of the addons. All rights go towards their respective owners.

How to install Mercatres' UI:

1. Locate your World of Warcraft folder
2. Back up your Interface and WTF folder just in case something goes wrong
3. Drag and Drop and the Interface and WTF folder inside Mercatres' UI folder into your World of Warcraft folder
4. Go into the WTF folder you just dragged and dropped inside then go into the Account folder:
- Rename "YOURACCOUNTNAME" to your actual accountname in all caps e.g. FREDDY
- Go into "YOURACCOUNTNAME" folder and rename "YOURSERVER" folder to your actual server in all caps e.g. STORMREAVER
- Go into "YOURSERVER" folder and rename "YOURCHARACTERNAME" folder to your main or the character you want to install the UI into e.g. Mercatres
5. Drag and Drop and addons you don't want to lose from your backup folder into the addon folder (beware though you might need to set them up again).
6. Download ElvUI and ElvUI Addonskins on http://www.tukui.org/dl.php and http://www.tukui.org/addons/index.php?act=view&id=128
7. Whack those in addonfolder aswell
8. Login and type /ec, go to profiles, Copy From -> choose Mercatres-Stormreaver
9. In /ec click on the + next to ElvUI AddOnSkins -> Embed Settings -> Check Dual Embed Settings -> Resize Embed Left Window Width (245 is in the middle)
10. Type /rl and you should be good to go
P.S if ElvUI asks you to setup the UI just skip the process it's not needed

Enjoy Mercatres' UI

Follow me on: http://www.twitch.tv/mercatres/

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