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The Adventure Continues (6.1)
Warlords of Draenor (6.0.3)
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Ethica's Prot Warrior UI

Version: V6.1
by: Ethica [More]

**1920x1080** Can be adjusted to fit smaller
This is a Prot Warrior Specific UI. I play all tank classes and have this exact setup for all classes with some different addon changes. If you would like a copy of the full addon for all tank classes let me know and I will update a complete tank compilation.

All credit goes to the individual addon authors, without them this UI would not have been possible.


  • NPC Scan
  • Atlas Loot
  • Action Bar Saver
  • Angry Assignments
  • Big Brother
  • Blood Legion Cooldown
  • Blizz Move
  • Block Chinese (a must for Illidan)
  • Chat Textures
  • Clean Boss Button
  • Death Note
  • Handy Notes
  • Logger Head
  • Master Plan
  • oRA3
  • Postal
  • Quick Talents
  • RSA
  • Skada
  • stAddon Manager
  • Togar Assist
  • xCT+

I also HIGHLY recommend snagging the Curse Client up for keeping your addons up to date as well as the Tuk/ElvUI Windows Client! The ElvUI one will be much needed for constant ElvUI updates!

Installation Instructions:
1. Make a backup of your WTF & Interface folders and delete the ones in the WoW folder.
2. Download and extract my UI to your desktop.
3. Go into the WTF folder, enter the Account folder, and rename the folder called "ACCOUNTNAME" to your own account name all in caps.
4. Enter the account folder and change the folder called "Server" into your server name.
5. Enter the Server folder and change the folder "Character" into your character name.
6. Put my WTF and Interface folder in the place where your own folders used to be.
7. Download the latest version of ElvUI...not TukUI ( http://www.tukui.org/dl.php ) and get the Client whose link is above
  1. Due to license issues I had to remove ElvUI off the download and require you to DL yourself
8. When starting for the first time, make sure you select "Load out of date Addons".
9. Once installed and in the game for the first time, follow the install below.
  1. Continue
  2. Setup CVars and click Continue
  3. DO NOT set up chat, just click Continue
  4. Enable Pixel Perfect and click Continue
  5. Dark Theme Setup and click Continue
  6. High Resolution and click Continue
  7. Tank Layout and click Continue
  8. Integrated Aura System and click Continue
  9. Finished
10. Once it reloads click the "C" on the bottom right of the minimap (can also be accessed by typing /elvui)
  1. Go to AddOnSkins on the Left Sidebar and click the "+" to drop down the menu
    1. Click Embed Settings
    2. Check the box that says "Dual Embed System"
    3. Type Skada in the 2 boxes below that if not there
  2. Go to Equipment on the Left Sidebar
    1. Uncheck "enable" under Durability and Item Level
  3. Go to Profiles on the Left Sidebar
    1. Click the drop down arrow under Copy From
    2. Select Ethica-Illidan
11. Reload UI by typing /RL
12. Type the following to get all my profiles

- Click Profiles
- Click the drop down arrow below Copy From
- Select "Ethica-Illidan"

- Click the "+" to open the drop down
- Click Profiles
- Click the drop down arrow below Copy From
- Select "Ethica-Illidan"

13. Reload UI by typing /RL just to save all the data and you are good to go. Blood legion CD tracker, oRA3, Thogar Assist, and the rest are all set on default for my settings.

I know the instructions look like a lot but it is a 5 minute setup tops. Thank you for the support all!

Quick edit for Weak Auras
1. Type /wa
2. Go to Raid tank Debuffs
3. click the "+"
4. Shinoppa is my OT...you can rename those to your OT of you would like.
5. Click each one and go to trigger
6. Change "Specific Unit" name from Shinoppa to your OT...must be spelled perfectly
7. Click each one again and go to display
8. Change "Text" from Shin %s to whatever name you want and %s
9. Self is your personal one, repeat step 7 and 8 but replace Ethica with your name
10. Screenshots provided so you can see where I am referring to

As time goes on I will update this post with my WA strings via paste bin link. I will be adding in my other tanks WA's as i get them redone!

- Removed ElvUI from the Download and updated the new install instructions
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Unread 05-28-15, 05:07 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Would love to see your Pally setup aswell
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Unread 04-26-15, 10:15 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Would be awesome if I could get the other tank classes setup, playing a Prot warri, blood DK and a Brewmaster monk Very much appreciated :3
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Unread 03-14-15, 05:10 PM  
A Kobold Labourer
Chainsmoke's Avatar

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Other tanks

I'd love to get the other tanks, as well. Hopefully this works for DPS as well, off spec's op. I only tank myself anymore.
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Unread 02-28-15, 02:24 PM  
A Kobold Labourer
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Other Tanks

Hey, Can you upload the UI for other tanks also? Thanks
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