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Updated: 01-27-14 03:48 AM
Siege of Orgrimmar (5.4)
Updated:01-27-14 03:48 AM
Created:01-27-14 03:48 AM
by: Phanx [More]
Translates the spell and item names in your macros when you switch game languages.

Due to the way the Blizzard functions for getting information about spells and items by name works, the translation will only work for spells that have been seen in your spellbook, and for items that have been seen in your bags, in each language you play in. Normally, the addon only runs its translation routine when you log in. If you need to run it manually for some reason (maybe you had a macro for using an item that you didn't have in your bags when you logged in, but picked up later, for example) you can use the "/macrotrans" command.

For items, you can actually write "item:6948" instead of "Hearthstone", but there is no equivalent "spell:id" format for spell names, and personally I'd rather write out the item name if space permits.

This addon should be considered a rough beta version, and you should probably back up your macros before using it. Your macros are stored in the following files:
Account-wide: World of Warcraft WTF Account 123456#1 macros-cache.txt
Character-specific: World of Warcraft WTF Account 123456#1 Realm Character macros-cache.txt

Feedback on how well (or not) it works for you is very welcome! I've only tested it switching between English and German. If it breaks one of your macros, posting the original and changed versions would be helpful.


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