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Updated: 01-29-14 05:28 PM
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Updated:01-29-14 05:28 PM
Created:01-29-14 05:28 PM

Blammo! Gunshot sounds

Version: v1
by: Ashenglow [More]

Hey! :d

So I'm a hunter, and I'm tired of bows. So let's mog guns, right? However, the standard gun sounds are as annoying as they have always been, and I couldn't find custom gunshot sounds that weren't annoying as well.

These here sounds are inspired by Q3A, and I did my best to make them have a lot of bass and "wham!", without being too loud, intrusive, or so long that they'll clip too much. Hope you like them.

To install:

- Open zip file
- Copy the "Item" folder into your World of Warcraft\Data\Sound directory. If you dont have a "Sound" folder inside Data, just create it.

That's it. To restore everything to default, just remove its folder. (\Data\Sound\Item\Weapons\Gun\)

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