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Broker Everything - Demo Iconset

Version: 1.0.demo
by: hizuro [More]

This addon is a little demonstration of the iconset support in Broker_Everything.
(The images are .tga files with Alpha channel saved as 32 bit colors with compression.)

A little note about the icon files:
Blizzard supports .tga and .blp for images.

Important for both:
The image size must be 16 or a multible of it. (example: 16x32 or 1024x64)

.tga alias Targa File:
Gimp and Photoshop and some other programs can save images in this image format. Compression (RLE) supported by blizzard. Important for this format are the color table.
- 16 bit colors aren't supported by blizzard.
- 24 bit colors usable without alpha channel.
- 32 bit colors usable and support alpha channel.

.blp are blizzard's own image format:
Some programs can convert blp to png (Portable Network Graphic) and otherwise.
(please use your preferred search engine)

I recommend .tga with compression. it creates the lowest file size from all formats.

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