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Elinee▀°ss PvE Healing

Version: 5.4.7
by: tinymaclol [More]

This is my Complete Raid Ui. It is designed to work functional and leave enough space to see what is going on without impairing peripheral vision.

Instructions for use:
After closing World of Warcraft completely:
1. Save your Interface and WTF Order in case you don't like my Interface.
2. Extract the .rar file into the World of Warcraft directory
3. Rename the folders MYACCOUNT, Myserver and Mycharacter to the correct names (Account name must be written in full capitals, otherwise only the first letter is capitalised)
4. Start World of Warcraft. You may need to change the config.wtf file to shown your own region
5. Change all of the profiles to 10man for grid and rest till Elinee▀°ss

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A Kobold Labourer

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Hey m8, first of all, i'd like to prop you on your gorgeous UI, second of all I would like to request your grid ( just grid ) profile if it would be possible since it looks sexy as hell.

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