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Updated: 05-24-14 11:54 AM
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Updated:05-24-14 11:54 AM
Created:05-24-14 11:54 AM
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Druids by Belzeboi@Goldrinn [horde theme]

Version: 1.0
by: willskz [More]

Whats up guys?

This is my skin to Btex addon, I made for my personal use, but a lot of people asked me to distribute, so I'm uploading here to allow people and friends to download and enjoy as well.

I Don't claim any copyright for this artwork, I used a lot of images from different artists, just mixed them.

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Special Credits to Bornabe, who created the original art from whom I Download.
Original Skin:

E ae galera!

Esse é meu skin para o addon Btex, eu fiz para meu uso pessoal, mas como muitas pessoas gostaram, estou disponibilizando ele aqui para que meus amigos e outras pessoas usem.

Eu não clamo por nenhum direito autoral por essa obra, peguei várias imagens na internet e montei um layout novo.

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Créditos especiais a Bornabe, Que criou a arte original ao qual eu modifiquei.
Skin Original:

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A Fallenroot Satyr

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I don't play my druid currently, but I saw this in the new addons list and had to take a peek at the screenshots. Very nicely done. Nice artwork compilation.
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