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Updated: 05-30-14 06:52 PM
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Updated:05-30-14 06:52 PM
Created:05-30-14 06:52 PM
Categories:Auction House & Vendors, ToolTip


Version: v0.9.2
by: Zotwee [More]

This addon adds market information from the site to the item tooltips and is the base for other Zotwee addons (more coming).

The market data is updated through the Zotwee Helper App or manually downloaded from the site. More information can be found on out blog and it's focused on Brazilian players and realms.

Este Addon adiciona informações de leilão fo site nas tooltips dos itens e serve se base para os outros addons do Zotwee.

Os preços são atualizados através do Ajudante Zotwee ou baixados manualmente do site. Para mais informações, acesse nosso blog

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