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Return to Karazhan (7.1.5)
Legion (7.0.3)
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Version: 22900.10.25.16
by: Belhatite [More]

[[ List of Included Features: ]]

☼ Right Click Context Menu:
→→→ Replaces mini buttons, and locates many useful key combination (for example Shift+J for Journal) items into one easy to use menu.

☼ Scroll In/Out replaces Zoom In/Out Buttons

☼ Guild Event Notification Icons
→→→ You'll get an notification that pops up when you have pending events, event invites, and reminders for events taking place on the day you log in.
→→→ Will place a number on the Calendar icon to let you know of pending events, confirmed events, and events occurring today.

☼ Square Map Design

☼ Relocated and Resized most default Mini Map icons and notice features to better fit a square map.

☼ Detailed Zone information:
→→→ Zone Name : Zone Sub Name

☼ Moveable Frames:
→→→ Use /buffs lock to move the Buff/Debuff window
→→→ Shift+Click to move the Minimap Frame
→→→ Shift+Click to move the Quest Tracking Window

☼ Useable /slash Commands ☼
→→→ /buffs lock - to move the buff/debuff window

Are you reporting a bug? Post a comment and please include:
√ Version number
► √ Check the .toc file if you're not sure!
√ WoW build number and language (on the WoW login screen in the bottom right)
► √ Check the login screen if you're not sure!
√ What seems to be the problem?
√ What steps can I follow to reproduce the problem?
√ Does the problem happen when all other addons are disabled?
√ Can you post a screenshot if it is a visual bug or issue you are reporting.
√ Do you have BugSack or Swatter installed? if not, do you have Display Lua Errors turned on?
√ Text of the first related error message. (if any)
► √ Please do not include lists of local variables or installed addons, if you wouldn't mind, Just the first 4-6 lines of the error message!

22900.10.25.16: Updated for Legion Patch 7.1 from 10OCT2016 - Changed the Move Modifier key for the Minimap from Alt to Shift to be more in line with the Quest Tracker move modifier key.

22248.07.19.16: Updated for Legion Pre-patch. coding is from testing in the Beta, so if you notice any bugs or errors please post them in the comments.
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