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ConsolePort  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 1.5.1
by: MunkDev [More]

Game Controller Addon
DualShock 4, Xbox controllers, Steam controller

IMPORTANT: This addon requires third-party software for keyboard and mouse emulation. Using third-party software is not prohibited by Blizzard as long as it doesn't automate your gameplay.

ConsolePort will give you a handful of nifty features in order to let you play the game on a controller - without inconvenience. There are a lot of tutorials and videos on how to set up your controller for World of Warcraft, but the most game-breaking part about all of them is how they in no way contribute to an easy game experience. Instead of resorting to macros and gimmicks to make the setup viable, this addon fundamentally changes how the game works.

Using the addon, you should be able to effortlessly do the same tasks with a controller as you would with a mouse and keyboard. On top of this, it will NOT interfere with your normal keyboard and mouse setup, leaving you to choose which way you want to play the game without having to rebind and reconfigure every time you change peripherals.

Controller support

ConsolePort currently supports Xbox and Dualshock 4 controllers natively, courtesy of WoWmapper. ConsolePort is not restricted to those, but it is somewhat restricted to conventional controller layouts. It requires a set of atleast 14-15 buttons, which is what you'll find on any version of the PlayStation, Xbox or Logitech controllers. Currently, the Dualshock 4 is strongly recommended because of its precision and superior mouse curve.


DualShock 4 / Xbox 360 / Xbox One / Xbox Elite / XInput controllers on Windows
  1. Download WoWmapper here.
  2. Install WoWmapper and start it up.
  3. Connect your controller by USB or Bluetooth.
  4. Click Plugins to change controller (default is Dualshock 4).
  5. Install the addon and start the game.

Using the addon

Camera and mouse control

Mouse look is a feature within the game where you lock your mouse cursor in order to control the camera in 3D-space. This state is usually triggered by holding down the right mouse button. ConsolePort utilizes this feature to a great extent to keep you from having to hold down a button on the controller in order to control your character and camera. You can seamlessly use the mouse cursor when necessary, but keep it locked otherwise.

Toggles OFF automatically when:
  1. Casting mouse spells (Trap Launcher, Ring of Frost, Heroic Leap, etc.)
  2. Picking up spells, items, macros, glyphs, etc.
  3. Using R3 or right clicking.
  4. "Interact with mouseover" is triggered.

Toggles ON automatically when:
  1. Changing targets.
  2. Placing the mouse cursor on your character.
  3. Interacting with NPCs.
  4. Looting.

Mouse behaviour can be customized in the interface options to suit your own playstyle. By keeping the mouse cursor centered on screen, it's easy to pick up items, loot mobs and target things in melee range.

Virtual cursor

The virtual cursor is a replacement for the mouse when using the interface. It snaps to clickable and interactive objects across the interface. It is controlled by the D-pad for moving and the right-hand buttons to left and right click. It can be customized to your own liking, and with a bit of know-how, you can integrate other addons to work with the cursor.
Default setup:
  • Circle or B - left click
  • Square or X - right click

Custom binding manager

ConsolePort does not use the normal keybinding system at all. Initially, a wizard will ask you to click the buttons on your controller in order to bind them. Beyond the initial setup, ConsolePort uses its own binding system, which can be found by clicking Controller on the game menu. With 15 buttons dedicated to bindings with 4 combinations each, you have a total of 60 possible bindings. You can expand the amount further by using action pages.

Virtual keyboard

The virtual keyboard is a replacement for typing, if you want to skip using keyboard altogether. This unconventional way of typing has a steep learning curve, but is eventually much faster than moving a virtual cursor across a virtual QWERTY-layout. It is controlled by moving the left stick around while pressing buttons on the right hand side. Using L1, L2 or L1+L2 will swap out the character sets. The keyboard has 8 circles with 4 buttons inside them, each containing 4 different combinations. It is highly customizable; it has a total of 128 combinations, and you can change any of them to be whatever you want.

Change log can be viewed on GitHub.
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A Kobold Labourer

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Looks promising.
I stoped play WOW years ago, cause i'm suffering from heavy RSI.
Using keyboard and mice is nearly impossible for me today (writing this comment is a pain).

I dont have a gamepad yet... do you consider extra buttons on the razer sabertooth worth the extra money ?
Because i used a ton of shortcuts before (mice with a lot of buttons + Belkin N52 gamepad), and always feel i haven't enough buttons to put them all.
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