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Roth UI (Diablo) Galaxy's Revival  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 1.11.0
by: Galaxy119 [More]

Github: https://github.com/galaxy119/Roth_UI
*visit github for a list of currently known bugs*

Many of you are probably fans of zork's Roth UI! Though he plans no more maintenance to it in Legion, I am here to wipe those tears from your face!
If not, this UI is a complete (or near complete) replacement for the standard Blizzard UI. While some things such as character info screen and menus are not replaced, most of the constantly visible UI elements are.
This will replace your actionbars with a 3-tier stacking set of action bars with a Diablo3 style background, replace the normal WoW actionbar artwork with a Diablo style Angel and Demon, replace the player frame with a set of Health and Power (mana/rage/energy/etc) orbs, and completely re-skin the target, target's target, party, raid, focus, boss and other Unit Frames with Diablo-esque style framework.
It will also replace the standard WoW Rune, Combo Point, Harmony, Soul Shard and Holy Power bars with ones more fitting to the UI's look and feel.

My revival of the UI features constant updating and support, quick reponses to questions and many new/improved features!

Among some of those notable changes are...
1. Raid frames will now track healing abilities!
Priests can easily track Renew, PW:Shield and more, Druids will easily see who has Rejuv and such! Almost exclusively playing a healer has made me tapper this addon back to our needs! Each healer has a variety of abilities they will easily track on the raid frames, and the best part is.. It will only display YOUR buffs, and only for YOUR class!
2. Vertical Party frames!
Many people in the past have disabled the Roth UI party and raid frames due to 3 simple reasons: Lack of customization, lack of buff/debuff tracking for healers and being stuck on those horizontal party frames! But fear not, if you wish to keep those horizontal party frames, there's an option in the config to disable the vertical ones!
3. Independantly movable Raid frames!
One of my biggest issues with the Roth UI raid frames was their clunkyness. It does make setup abit easier, but let's be honest, no one liked moving all the groups in the raid frame at once. Now you get to move them all individually!
4. Health and mana % on target health/power bars, and cur/max for both on the left and right top corners!
I've added a few text strings to the target healthbar, and made it slightly longer by default. This should help you easily tell what % and how much HP a boss has, aswell as making finding healers in BG's a tad bit easier (note: They are the ones with 160k instead of 32k max mana :P)
5. Updated AuraWatch!
This is a rather simple one, the version of Aurawatch used in the last version of Roth UI was rather outdated, i've updated it, and worked with the addon developer directly to incorporate a few new features aswell, special to Roth UI!

There are many many more small changes, as I customized this addon entierly to my playstyle and PC setup (screen size etc). You may find some UI elements too big or small for your liking, or some things in the wrong place. I'm more than happy to help you out by telling you what to edit to get your desired result, but you have to do the work.
Other than bug fixes and major features, I will not update Roth UI simply for things like changing default scale sizes or text string locations.
(This does mean new updates will likely overwrite your changes, though if you are concerned about this, I will provide links to Github commits for each update, so you can see where the changes take place, and protect your precious config.lua settings)

Also note: Between my light raiding schedule, full time work and full time school, I don't have extraordinary amounts of time to work on Roth UI, bug fixes will usually be fixed within a few days of finding them, but new features will not be added for much longer. Some features will not even be considered, such as expanding the /diablo config panel or adding a profile system.
If you have a simple question, I will attempt to get back to you within a day, if not sooner!


  1. Download the ZIP file from WoWInterface
  2. Extract the contents of the ZIP file
  3. Move the Roth_UI folder to your World of Warcraft Installation folder/Interface/AddOns
  4. That's it! You're done! Restart your game!
  5. If you are updating, delete the older folder before installing the new one!

  1. Do NOT use an auto-updater, they have a tendency to muck things up.
  2. If something doesn't fit, go into your game graphics settings, enable UI Scaling and move the slider until everything looks peachy.
  3. If you only need part of the UI scale changed, go into the config.lua settings, find the UI element you are looking for, and change the "scale" value! Remember, if you are changing the size of the Actionbar Background, you will need to change the size of the Actionbars in "rActionBarStyler" to match!
  4. No, I will not include your tweaks, changes or modifications in the next (or any future) release of Roth UI, unless they are major changes adding significant improvements to or the addition of major features. IE: I would implement code adding healing prediction to the player health orb. I would NOT implement code making the health orb slightly bigger or fill backwards.
  5. For any other questions, or specifics on how to change scales and such, look at the FAQ!
  6. Please include a screenshot of any issues/lua errors you are getting. If you comment with "xxxx isn't working" I may not reply at all. (to turn lua errors on, type /console scriptErrors 1 and then /reload into the game chat)
  7. I have a very low tolerance for stupid. If you cannot make a coherent sentence or say something stupid I will probably ignore you or treat you like an idiot. You have been warned.

As of 1.6.0 Roth UI now includes all additional addons as embeds. The list of embeded addons will follow:
  1. oUF (do not remove/delete)
  2. rLib (do not remove/delete)
  3. rActionBarStyler
  4. Roth_ShinyBuffs - ShinyBuffs by Seerah, modified specifically for Roth UI
  5. rButtonTemplate
  6. rButtonTemplate_Default
  7. rChat
  8. rInfostrings
  9. rMinimap
  10. rNamePlates
  11. rRaidManager
  12. rTooltip
  13. tullaRange
You may 'uninclude' an embeded addon by editing the "Roth_UI.toc" file (with notepad) and erasing the line that links to the xml of the addon you wish to not use.

The orb-editing config window is still in Roth UI! Simply access the config panel and get to creating!
/diablo config

Class bar Previews:
Combo Points
Holy Power
Soul Shards

Slash Commands:
/roth config -- Will open the Orb Config panel


/rabs lock -- Locks the Action Bars
/rabs unlock -- Unlocks the action bars
/roth unlockart -- Unlocks the Diablo Artworks
/roth lockart -- Locks the artwork
/roth unlockbars -- Unlocks all toolbars and the Power Orb
/roth lockbars -- Locks all toolbars and the Power Orb
/roth unlockunits -- Unlocks all unitframes and the Health Orb
/roth lockunits -- Locks all the unitframes and the Health Orb
/roth unlockall -- Unlocks all of the /diablo frames
/roth lockall -- Locks all of the /diablo frames
/rbfs lock -- locks the buff frame
/rbfs unlock -- unlocks the buff frame


/rabs reset -- Resets all Actionbar positions
/roth resetart -- Resets all diablo art positions
/roth resetbars -- Resets all Diablo bar positions
/roth resetunits -- Resets all Diablo unit positions
/roth resetall -- Resets all Diablo frame positions
/rfgs reset -- Resets the buff frame position

Version 1.11.0
* Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause Role Icons on raid frames to not update if the role was changed during raid-combat
* Fixed an issue (i think) with the party frame sometimes overlapping certain in-game dialog frames
* Changed the default fontface of all UI elements to something more clean. You can still revert the change by designating your own (or the old) font in the config.lua file under "fonts"

Version 1.10.0
* Fixed various unit placements to no longer overlap default position of Blizzard frames (Such as target buffs overlapping mythic+ banner)
* Changed default position of the party frame to be more centeralized for ease of use for healers
* (Hopefully) fixed a bug that caused raid frame debuffs to not show properly when "onlyshowdispellable" debuffs was enabled
* Destro Warlocks should now always have a "green shard" when they are building soul fragments towards a new shard, Full shards will be Purple, half-shards Green, empty shards gray, when all Shards are full all will turn Red
* Fixed an issue causing rogues who pick the "Deeper Strategem" talent from not displaying the extra combo points on the combo bar, this however will require you to /reload upon selecting the talent.
* Various Quality of Life improvements for healers on the Raid Frames, including changing the default order, position and spells tracked by icons on players health bars.
* Fixed a bug that prevented users from moving the Stance Bar via /rabs commands.

Version 1.9.26
* Fixed a bug as of 7.3 that caused sound files to cause LUA errors, all sounds related to targeting/etc should now play properly.

Version 1.9.25
* Round 3 - FIGHT, but lose horribly.
Soul Shards will display purple when they are full, if there is a partially filled shard it will appear green (the 'green' partial effect will affect all 'empty' shard spots, I'm working on a fix for this but at least you can now tell that there IS a partially filled shard)
Combo Points will now display the proper maximum combo points when Deeper Strategem or Anticipation talents are selected - However it will require a /reload upon logging in to update the bar (I'm working on a fix for this)
* Fixed bug caused when rActionBarStyler is disabled when using Bartender 4 (Look, I actually did a thing right!)

Version 1.9.24
* Round 2 - Also trying to fix Soul Shards

Version 1.9.23
* Attempted to fix bug related to Combo Points

Version 1.9.22
* Fixed an embeding issue that caused the Roth UI menu to not appear in the intercace/Addons tab

Version 1.9.21
* Fixed an issue that caused in-game font settings to not properly change certain fonts.
Fonts will once again be handled solely in-game and not through the config.lua file.

Version 1.9.20
* Fixed bug causing nameplate class colors to no longer be used regardless of the setting in the nameplate options

Version 1.9.19
* Fixed a bug in the config.lua file that caused the party frame to always be shown regardless of party type/size
* Fixed a bug that caused the nameplates to break friendly nameplates completly while inside dungeons and raids (thanks, blizzard)

Version 1.9.18
* Fixed error in rMiniMap caused by the removal of the recording button in patch 7.2
* Updated oUF_ArtifactPower to be compatible with patch 7.2

Version 1.9.17
* Fixed bug causing healthbars to not display properly on horizontal party frames.
* Added "Credit" file to allocate credit to authors that have helped make Roth UI possible.
* Added "License" file as required by an addon artwork is used from.

Version 1.9.16
* Fixed debuff highlight error causing dispellable debuffs to not make UnitFrames glow.
* Fixed an error causing chat text to use the main font instead of it's own setting.

Version 1.9.15
* Changed rChat to reflect blizzard's stupid new name for the social button.

**Changed Files:

Version 1.9.14
* Added a check to ensure new font is not loaded onto non-english clients
* Added options in the config file to disable embeded modules
* Fixed a bug where if rActionBarStyler was disabled it would cause a critical UI error
* Fixed a bug where statusbars on Unit Frames appeared ontop of, rather than behind, their artworks
* Fixed a bug where the statusbars were drawn ontop of their gloss texture
* Added diablo-style chatframe scroll and options buttons
* Fixed a bug causing artwork frames and player orbs to overlap the chatframe
* Added a constantly-visible dragframe for castbars
* Fixed a bug causing the Target frame to overlap zone text
* Fixed a bug causing party and raid status bars to be drawn ontop of their Readycheck icons
* Made the bar width for party members slightly bigger
* Moved all oUF frame width/height settings into the config file

**Changed Files:


Everything in the following directories:

Added Files:


Version 1.9.13
* Fixed a bug causing the actionbar artwork to not update when the artifactpower bar is hidden or shown.

Version 1.9.12
* Added a config option to change the chatframe font seperately from the rest
* Added a check so that if the standard font is set in the config, the Font addon will not resize text
* Changed character/player names in the world (without nameplates) to be the standard font for readability.

Version 1.9.11
* Fixed a bug causing the objective tracker frame to not allow you to resize the frame, causing it to only display 2 objectives

Version 1.9.10
* Fixed bug causing Artifact Bar to not display
* Fixed a bug causing the orb bubbles to be miscolored

Version 1.9.9
* Changed Objective Tracker default location
* Added embeded addon: rObjectiveTracker by zork, use /rot to access it
* Renamed rButtonTemplate_Default to rButtonTemplate_Roth to reflect this version is edited specifically for Roth UI
* Moved all config options for all embeded addons into Roth_UI/config.lua, this includes: rActionBarStyler, rTooltip, rObjectiveTracker, rInfostrings, rChat and rMinimap. These embeded addons can still be disabled via removing their xml file from the Roth_UI.toc file
* Added RothFont to handle changing of UI fonts.
* All fonts can now be changed with a single line in Roth_UI/config.lua, change the line near the bottom "cfg.font = (mediapath.."Cracked-Narrow.ttf")"
* Removed old, unecessary TOC files from embeded addons.
* Fixed a bug causing Warlocks soulshard bar to only display 4 soulshards instead of 5
* Fixed a bug causing the Rogue Combo Point Bar on Rogues with the Deeper Stratagem talent to only show 5 combo points instead of 6
* Fixed a bug causing Mistweaver monks to still display a Harmony bar
* Moved all media files from embeded addons into Roth_UI/media
* Changed load order in TOC file to load oUF, rLib and config.lua before anything else.

**Changed Files:




Moved: All media related files
Removed: all config related files EXCEPT Roth_UI/config.lua
Added rObjectiveTracker and RothFont in /embeds

Version 1.9.8
* Changed RothBuffs to Roth_ShinyBuffs to properly illistrate that it is only a modified version of SB, not an entierly new addon
* Fixed bug causing ShinyBuff vairables to be lost on reload and logout
* Fixed bug causing ShinyBuff anchor drag frame to remain shown, but transparent, after hiding the anchor frame.

Version 1.9.7
* Changed default Font style

Version 1.9.6
* Fixed bug causing rInfostrings to not display
* Fixed bug causing rNamePlates to not set font from cfg.font

**Changed Files:
Moved all media files in rNamePlates to Roth_UI/media

Version 1.9.5
* Replaced the old Buff Frame (rBuffFrame) with a new one (RothBuffs) based don ShinyBuffs by Seerah
* Added Artifact Traid spellID's to tooltips
* Changed the default font of Unit Frames, minimap Info strings, tooltips and chatframe text
**These can be changed in the appropriate config files**
* Embeded a Libs folder including things like Ace and SharedMedia

**Changed Files:



Added Files:
Roth_UI/Libs (and everything inside)


Roth_UI/embeds/RothBuffs (and everything inside)


Removed Files:
Roth_UI/embeds/rBuffFrame (and all contents)
Roth_UI/embeds/rBuffFrame_Default (and all contents)

Version 1.9.4
-Mana Bar for classes with 3 resources is now movable with /roth unlockbars /roth lockbars /roth resetbars
-The mana bar will now properly hide it's border when the bar is not displayed
-The mana bar should now properly show or hide itself and it's border when the player changed specs
-The rInfoStrings text displayed below the minimap is now movable with /ris unlock /ris lock /ris reset

**Changed Files:

Version 1.9.3
-Added mana bar above power orb for classes/specs with 3 resources(Ele/Enhance Shamans, druids, Shadow priests)
-Fixed bug causing Party leader crown to not appear on party frames
-Fixed bug causing extremely low level targets' levels to show green on nameplates instead of grey
-Minor adjustment to targetframe health/power bar texture sizes
-Updated Raid Icons on all unit frames to a more diablo-esque style
-Removed elite dragon from nameplate frame
-Moved Stancebar to bottom center of Actionbar area an re-enable userplacement for this bar by default

**Change Files:
Added Files:

Version 1.9.2
-Added Arcane Power Bar to drag bars list

**Changed files:

Version 1.9.1
-Arcane mages will now have an Arcane power frame(whoops)

**Changed Files:
Added files:

Version 1.9.0
-Galaxies have made a comeback!
-Bubbles introduced!
*Bubbles function in the same way as galaxies, as you simply get an alpha slider to control them, more features may be introduced later but for now this is all you get.
-Default health/power orb settings have changed!

*Note: You will have to use /roth config and RESET both orbs after updating the addon to get rid of the LUA error, all the LUA error is telling you is that there's no value for galaxy and bubble alphas in your currently loaded template, and it must be reset to add this. Also, previously saved templates may not work.

**Changed files:

Version 1.8.4
*Shoutout to Zork's awesomeness for helping restore them

**Changed files:

Version 1.8.3
-Buffs and Debuffs will now display a text counter.

**Changed files:

Version 1.8.1
-Fixed rRaidManager transparent window when in party/raid

**Changed files:

Version 1.8.0
-Fixed Nameplate names
*The will now display the units level in ( ), adding a + before the number for elites, level will be (??) for bosses and rares will have a * before and after their name. Units within 3 levels of the player will have yellow level text, 3 levels above will be orange, 5 levels above red, 3 levels below green 5 levels below grey.

**Changed files:

Version 1.7.11
-Fixed Rep Bar, Artifact bar and Exp bar show options to also reflect on actionbar artwork.

**Changed files:

Version 1.7.10
-Fixed Targettarget and Focus debuff locations

**Changed files:

Version 1.7.9
-Fixed Micromenu, Bag, Stance and Exp/rep bar placements when scaling actionbar background artwork

**Changed files:

Version 1.7.8
-Temporarily removed level and symbol tag from nameplate names to prevent bug.
*Working on a fix, this disable is to make the UI more usable all around for everyone until it is fixed.

**Changed files:

Version 1.7.7
-Further updates to artwork
-Added option for bars 4 and 5 to be vertical instead of horizontal
-Garrison Minimap button will now correctly auto-hide when not hovering the mouse over the minimap

Version 1.7.6
-Fixed graphical bug in nameplates causing FPS drop

Version 1.7.5
-Fixed small graphical bug

Version 1.7.4
-Namplates now include units level aswell as + for elite, * for
rare/boss. Boss levels will show as (??)
-Re-coded how target frame handles artwork changes based on unit type

Version 1.7.3
-Changed Orb Animations to off by default.
*This feature is currently a WIP.
*This feature is known to cause debilitating UI bugs!
*Enable at your own risk!

Version 1.7.2
-Fixed error causing health bars to not deplete when damage was taken

Version 1.7.1
-Removed old bubblehead style unit classification indicator
-Added new artwork for Elite, Rare and Boss type NPC's for target frame.

Version 1.7.0
-Implemented Artifact Power Bar for Legion
-Restyled all unitframes with new artwork
*Target, Party, Raid, Focus, Pet and Boss frames all have new frame artwork
*Castbars now have new artwork and their size and default positions have been adjusted.
-Disabled rInfostrings Mail notification by default

Version 1.6.0
-Rebranded from oUF_Diablo to Roth_UI
-Embeded all previously included addons, including dependencies:
*oUF, oUF_Diablo, rActionBarStyler, rBuffFrame, rBuffFrame_Default, rButtonTemplate, rButtonTemplate_Default, rChat, rInfostrings, rLib, rMinimap, rRaidManager, rTooltip, tullaRange
******Please delete all of the above addons from you Interface/AddOns folder before using the new version, as they can cause version conflicts with the embeded addons*********
-Implemented Diablo-styled Nameplates with rNamePlates
-Player Health/Power orbs are now locked, unlocked and reset with 'orbs' instead of being tied to Units and Bars
-Slash commands that were previously /diablo xxx are now /roth xxx
*Other slash commands remained the same.
-Fixed Raid Frame default positions

Version 1.5.5-2
-Removed obsolete code
-Moved info strings under minimap to prevent overlap
-Re-enabled Garrison Button

Version 1.5.5-1
-Changed ActionBar Default position to match artwork background
-Fixed /rabs unlock/lock/reset commands
-Changed Minimap and Buff/debuff frame default positions to not
interfere with Legion Class hall bar
-Moved Health/Mana text strings to underneath target frame to prevent
string overlap when targeting Demon Hunters

Version 1.5.5 Release
-Reverted rActionBar back to older rActionBarStyler
-Fixed discoloration on config panel due to use of outdated SetTexture(rbg) tag

Version 1.5.4-2 Release
-Fixed stupid bug causing bars to not change when they should
-Fixed bug(?) causing vehicle UI to not give an exit button(?)

Version 1.5.4-1 Release
-Removed hotkey text from action bars by default.
-Changed default placement of oUF frames/bars to match artwork sizes and
commonly desired locations.

Version 1.5.4 Release
-Changed Bottom Artwork scale
-Updated rActionBar and rActionButton
-Updated rLib
-Re-implemented rMinimap
-Re-implemented rInfoStrings
-Re-implemented rBuffFrame
-Re-implemented rChat

Version 1.5.3 Release
-Updated DK Rune Bar
-Updated Soul Shard Bar
-Removed Shaman EarthShield from raid frame to prevent error

Version 1.5.2 Release
-Removed Priest Shadow Orb frame
-Fixed transparent drag frames when unlocked
-Fixed bug causing empty orbs to remove UI elements
-Disabled DK Runes by default until fixed.
-Changed Druid Raid Aura ID's to prevent raid UI error
-Changed Paladin Raid Aura ID's to prevent raid UI error
-Removed Outdated Warlock and Druid power bars.
-Changed Holy Power bar to only display when in Ret spec
-Set player to show in party frame by default

Version 1.5.1 Release
-Fixed brokeness from Legion pre-patch

Version 1.5 Release
-Implemented individual raid frame movement

Version 1.4 Release
-Added red glow to Party and Raid members when dead
-Formatting fixes

Version 1.3
Release Notes:
-Full implementation of Vertical Party Frames feature
-Vertical Party Frames are now on by default
-Added config file entry for castbar text size for Player, Target and
-Aurawatch is now disabled on party by default.

-Changed default size of Target buffs from 20 to 15.
-Changed target and party debuff type show on by default.
-Added config entry to control how many buffs and debuffs are shown on
target and party.
-Added player to raid frame by default.
-Repositioned party buffs and debuffs slightly in horizontal mode
-Repositioned party buffs and debuffs to appropriate positions in
vertical mode
-Repositioned party portraits to appropriate positions in vertical mode.
-Resized party member frame selection space to be more appropriate in
vertical mode.
-Made totalabsorb bar overlay resize properly when party is in vertical
-Added buff and debuff handling by oUF_Diablo core to party by
default(aurawatch is now disabled on the party by default)
-Fixed raid frame error resulting in aurawatch only displaying Paladin
class buffs
-Added config entries for text size on all Target and Party frame text.
-Added config file entries to allow easier repositioning of Target frame
text by users.
-Removed obsolete files
-Formatting revisions

Version 1.2 Release
-More formatting revisions.
-Removed obsolete files.
-Further implementation of Vertical party frames
-Added config.lua settings for text size on Target for all text values.
-Fixed AuraWatch error causing only Paladin buffs to be displayed on
raid frames.
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Unread 08-01-16, 01:16 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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I'm happy, thx mate, that's just awesome!
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Unread 08-01-16, 01:13 AM  
A Flamescale Wyrmkin
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Re: Loading!

Originally Posted by Epstoday
Hi, thx for your work.
But i have problem, that was on old Zork's ouf, that still here, on your.
I like to change positions manually for target bar\targettarget\pet\focus and castbars, menu, bags.
And if any character while he loading in the game - do not complete loading(all issues - disconnect\troubles with servers on Blizzard, lags, manually Alt-F4) all positions are breaks and u need to move all, but just on this character. I rly like this UI, but wow so often have problems with lags\disconnect, and if this happen while character loading - that's always dissapointed
Sorry for my English and i hope u can tell how possible to fix that. Thanks!
This is due to how the addon saves the frame positions, I know it's annoying but I would have to literally rewrite most of the addon from scratch to integrate another method.

A workaround for this problem is, if you go to your WoW folder, then go to WTF/Account you will find folders for all the accounts you've logged into. Setup the frames how you want them, and then navigate to the account/server/character folder for that character.
(for example, if your account name is "Account1", and your main character is "Paladin" on "Ner'zhul" you would go to World of Warcraft/WTF/Account/Account1/Ner'zhul/Paladin)
Make sure you log out of the character so the frame positions are saved to the file properly, then copy the "layout-local.txt" file.
This file will hold all of the positions for your frame and bar placements. If you need to transfer them to another character, or need to restore them after losing them, simply close the game, and paste the backup file you've made into the correct characters folder.
Re-open the game and upon login you will find all the positions will match what they were on the character you copied the layout from originally.
I keep a backup of the layout-local.txt file in my main WoW directory for this purpose.

Also note; the latest version (uploading now, check back about 20-60mins after this post) will have fixed default positions for all the oUF frames. The actionbars, artwork and target/target's target, party, raid, focus and pet frames and the player orbs should all now be correctly positioned, and changing their size should be as simple as using the UI scale slider in-game.

Note: if you do change the size of the background art, the other artwork, orbs and actionbars will need to be moved/resized to match (all of this has to be done via the config.lua file)
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Unread 08-01-16, 12:56 AM  
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Exclamation Loading!

Hi, thx for your work.
But i have problem, that was on old Zork's ouf, that still here, on your.
I like to change positions manually for target bar\targettarget\pet\focus and castbars, menu, bags.
And if any character while he loading in the game - do not complete loading(all issues - disconnect\troubles with servers on Blizzard, lags, manually Alt-F4) all positions are breaks and u need to move all, but just on this character. I rly like this UI, but wow so often have problems with lags\disconnect, and if this happen while character loading - that's always dissapointed
Sorry for my English and i hope u can tell how possible to fix that. Thanks!
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Unread 07-31-16, 05:30 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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how can i change to positition of the tooltip to mouse?

And thanks for your great work! <3
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Unread 07-30-16, 12:30 PM  
A Murloc Raider

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omg great! thank you for your work galaxy!! cant wait to have a look at it soon, cool
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Unread 07-30-16, 05:30 AM  
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Originally Posted by Crowlen
How to change the size of panels, uniframes and other sizes?
Sorry, have yet to get around to making the FAQ guides.

Edit the file in World of Warcraft/Interface/AddOns/oUF_Diablo called "config.lua"
Artwork is found under the PLAYER section, other unitframe sizes can be found under their respective sections. Edit the "scale" value, bigger numbers=bigger size.

Example; to edit the Party frame size, change "1.1" in the following line:

You can use standard Notepad to edit this, though I recommend using Notepad++ so you can easily hide functions you won't be editing and find line #'s easier.
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How to change the size of panels, uniframes and other sizes?
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