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Hetsig UI  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 2.21
by: Hetsig [More]


Be sure to Unblock the .zip file beforehand if you're using the
recent update from Windows 10. You can do that by right
clicking the .zip, go to properties, tick the "Unblock" box and hit apply.

This UI is heavily influenced by Skullflowers UI. Seeing as Skullflower discontinued the UI due to
time constraints i thought of uploading my own edit of it. I've changed some things. Party/Raid/40-Raid
frames, some OCD pixel changes and other various things such as Heal Prediction on frames as an
example. Seeing as i don't know anything about coding addons i cannot troubleshoot any errors that's
found. If you find any errors you could try to narrow it down to a single addon and try to contact the
creator of that addon.

This UI is tailored for 1920x1080 with UI Scale of 0.71111111111111 (should be set with the installation
properly), i can't vouch for other resolutions. If for some reason you'll see bigger borders then there's
an issue with the game's internal resolution and your monitors resolution.
Try this thread to fix the pixel perfection.

If you're not sure you have the correct UI Scale, add this line in your WTF/Config.wtf file

SET uiScale "0.71111111111111"
Addons Included

- !BugGrabber (Grabs bugs for the BugSack.)
- AddOnSkins (Additional skins for AddOns to match the look of ElvUI.)
- AngryKeystones (Adds additinal information about bonus chests and progress bar to mythic keystone objective tracker.)
- BadBoy (A simple spam blocker & reporter.)
- BigWigs (Modular, lightweight, non-intrusive approach to boss encounter warnings.)
- Improved Blood Trader (Small mods to the Blood Trader window.)
- BugSack (Toss those bugs inna sack.)
- CleanBossButton (Removes the blizzard texture from the Boss Button.)
- Clique (Simply powerful click-casting interface.)
- Doom Shards (Doom Shards is a World of Warcraft: Legion addon which integrates Doom tracking into a Soul Shard display.)
- Een (This addon saves a backup of you chat window info so you can load it on another character.)
- ElvUI (A full user interface replacement addon for World of Warcraft.)
- ElvUI_Hetsig (My UI! (Thanks Mitšlie!).)
- ElvUI_SmartQuestTracker (This plugin tries to solve this issue by only adding those quests to your tracker, which are near to your current location.)
- ElvUI_VisualAuraTimers (Timers on the auras near the minimap.)
- ErrorFilter (Filters the errors displayed in the UIErrorsFrame.)
- Garrison Mission Manager (Streamlined Mission UI.)
- LittleWigs (Boss warnings for 5-man dungeons & scenarios.)
- MaxCam (Increase max camera distance.)
- MoveAnything (Enables you to move, scale, hide and adjust transparency of just about any screen element in WoW.)
- Paragon Reputation (Aims at fixing the way the Paragon Factions are presented to you.)
- Pawn (Calculates scores for items to help you find upgrades for your gear.)
- Postal (Enhanced Mailbox support.)
- Shadow & Light (An addon that customizes and adds extra functionality to ElvUI.)
- Skada (Modular damage meter.)
- World Quest Tracker (Make it more easy to see world quests.)

1. Download ElvUI Addon from www.tukui.org
2. Unzip Hetsig's UI x.xx.zip to World of Warcraft folder.
3. In game, press ESC > ElvUI or /elvui and go to "Hetsig's UI" tab to install.
(You can ignore the installation process of ElvUI and Shadow & light addons)
4. Enjoy!

[Skada] Not sure why i didn't notice the gap in the end of the Skada meter.
Increased the height by 1 pixel to fit 1 extra row in like it should.
[ElvUI] Moved Tooltip and Raidmarker Movers 1 pixel up to accomondate the Skada height change.
[Update] Will be making a profile for Details damage meter, but it might take time to get it
exactly as i want it to be. The .lua for the saved profile on it is pretty weird so i need some
time for it to actually work out okay.

2.20 - [Skada] Made some size and pixel changes to Skada window.
- [ElvUI] Disabled Debuff row for Tank frames (was showing spirit debuff on Desolate Host).
Tank debuffs will still be shown.
- [ElvUI] Disabled party target bars. With the new Tag system, it treats the raid group you're in
as a party so it showed party targets while being in a raid group.
- [BigWigs] Separated Emphasized and Super Emphasized to not overlap.
- [Hetsig UI] Detached the BigWigs Unreal Tournament countdown and made a separate addon for it instead.
This is to limit the possible errors, making the UI more lightweight and more user customizable.
It also creates opportunities to add more voices to it without making the core addon more cluttered.
To actually remove this change, you need to delete ElvUI_Hetsig folder and unzip the new one.
When troubleshooting an install method i noticed that with BigWigs disabled it gave a lua error
for the countdown.

2.19 - Changed number values. It looked kind of wonky with the 1000k on some AP tokens in the bag.
It will now scale as 3 digits only (1.00kmbt, 10.0kmbt, 100kmbt) so the AP tokens won't
overlap on the other tiles. k = thousand, m = million, b = billion and t = trillion.

2.18 - Fixed Party and Raid-40 to display the correct frame when under 6 players in a raid group.
The old system i used checked if there were more than 5 people in the group. If it was it would
use raid-40, if not it would use Party frames. Problem was if the raid had less than 6 players it
would hide players in group 2-8 since the Party frames would be active. This new Visibility string
checks if the group is either a Raid or a Party and choose the correct layout.

2.17 - Fixed font on Nameplate debuffs.
- Added my personal WeakAuras. Import them by installing WeakAuras, type /wa and go to import.
I don't have WeakAuras for every class and specialization, only on those i play regurarly.
- I did mess up the sounds for the Countdown i think. Look inside ElvUI_Hetsig\media\sounds
and see if you have 5 files. If you have more, you can delete those 5 that are .wav but keep
the .ogg ones. That will reduce the addon load a bit. You can see the extensions of the files
by pressing "View" (windows 10 only) and tick "File name extensions". Or you can delete the sounds
folder and unzip the addon again to copy the right ones.

2.16b - Fixed AP text in bags.
- Added Enchant to scroll button in Enchanting window.

2.16 - Removed DejaCharacterStats and ElvUI_Enhanced.
- Added ElvUI_SLE (Shadow & Light). SLE replaces those 2 addons with its built-in features. It also
has more support and updates so it's more reliable. Example being some bugs in config on ElvUI_Enhanced
(has been fixed by author now) and showing wrong item level on weapon if upgraded with crucible.
- Need some feedback on some settings and tweaks.

2.15 - Fixed the error code from ElvUI_Enhanced for now until an official fix gets released from the creator.

2.14 - Fixed BigWigs UI elements overlapping.

2.13 - Added Unreal Tournament announcer for BigWigs (disabled by default).
- Added the option to Shift+Left click a Bigwigs bar to announce it to chat.

2.12 - Added fail-safe to Buff Indicator import and other addons.
- Before you needed some addons enabled to be able to install the UI. This will fix that so you can
have any addons enabled or disabled. (Known bug is if you only have ElvUI, ElvUI_Hetsig and ElvUI_Enhanced
enabled the Hetsig UI config tab goes away. It's a bug inside Enhanced Legion addon that removes it. Enabling
VisualAuraTimers along these fixes it weirdly enough.)

2.11 - Changed the name of the addon to Hetsig UI for convenience.

2.10 - Added a menu for the UI to make more install options viable. Can be found under ElvUI's Options panel.
- Reworked code to support plugin export install for ElvUI Profiles, making it easier to export updates.
- Removed slash commands since they're obsolete now with "Full UI Install" button doing the same thing.
- Chat can now be bypassed upon installation for those who uses their own chat settings.

2.09 - Updated to 7.3
- Reduced size for buff on Enemy NPC Nameplates.
- Increased buff count to 6 on Enemy NPC Nameplates.
- Enabled PowerBar for Enemy NPC Nameplates. Helps tracking of boss abilities. This might still be
a bit buggy. Doesn't track Power correctly but i'll keep an eye on it if it changes or gets troublesome.

2.08 - Updated DoomShards to the community update from Discord. It tracks shards for Destruction properly now.
- Removed chat prints and pop up from Een asking you to reload your ui everytime you came out of an loading screen.

2.07 - Removed Skullflower folder and merged important files to my own folder to make it more clean.
(and to remove confusion during fresh installs where Skullflower's installer was on the screen.)
There is a continued supported version of his UI on the TukUI client / Tukui website.
- Polished up the addon look a bit.
- Removed Open All Mail blizzard frame.
- Added Postal's default Open All. This will enable you to continuously
open more than 50 mails if you have it.
- Fixed Pet Castbar icon.

2.06 - Rewrote hide-player-mana-text.lua.
Some explaning maybe for this one.
The 2.05 fix was a temp fix since ElvUI calls ConfigurePower if your class has
additional power (balance astral power as an example) and updates the saved setting
from the profile after the PlayerFrame has been updated. This meant even if the tweak
told PlayerFrame to not display mana text it would if the last specialization switched from
had additional power.
The re-written code is better than before though!
Even as a druid, if the powerbar is mana it hides it, if anything else it'll show it on the fly.
Even in shapeshifts ^^. Big thanks to Mitšlie yet again for helping me!

2.05 - Fixed the hide-player-mana-text.lua to correctly hide mana text.

2.04 - The new ElvUI update broke Skullflower addon so i fixed it.
- Disabled CombatIcon on the Player unitframe.

2.03 - Disabled GPS indicator for Target and Focus frame.

2.02 - Moved MinimapButtonBar slightly closer to the minimap.
- Fixed powerbar text being the same color as the powerbar sometimes.

2.01 - 7.2.5 compatible!
- Addded a line of code inside the installer that loads BigWigs_Core when installing
the UI. The reason why BigWigs didn't automatically switch the profile to Hetsig
was that BigWigs_Core isn't loaded all the time but on load on demand. The line of
code will load it so the installer can create and switch the profile automatically
when it's reloading the UI to reduce the installation process (thanks Mitšlie!).
- Added a new tweak. Since the mana value never really changes (220k or 1100k @ 110)
i thought it would be redundant to have that value shown and use the manabar
to see how much mana you currently have instead. The tweak will watch upon login
or specialization change if your current specialization have mana as primary resource.
Oddballs here are druids (Guardian and Feral) since in human form they have mana but
in bear or catform they have rage or energy. The tweak will show mana for those since
energy and rage is important to see the value of.
- Moved Party/Raid name offset by 1 pxel. For some reason 0 wasn't center with long names
but 1 offset was?
- Currently, ElvUI can't skin chat bubbles inside your garrison or in a dungeon/raid.
This is due to blizzard protected the code for it. I hope blizzard change this in the future.

2.00 - Loads of changes! (Thank you Mitšlie for coding the installer! <3)
- Added new installation method. Type "/Hetsig all" in game.
- Added custom profiles in the install code to create .lua files for you instead of having to import WTF files.
- Moved Artifact Bar to left of minimap in a neat fashion (some was complaining on the big AP bar.)
- Added a new ActionBar instead of AP bar.
- Changed height of CastBar to reflect better on the bar size i'm going with.
- Removed addon AdvancedInterfaceOptions. Didn't really do anything other than ActionCam.
- Added DoomShards to have an easier look on when to expect shards.
- Added custom script to look if DoomShard is enabled and if you're a warlock. If both are
true, script will disable ElvUI's built-in ClassBar. If one isn't true, it'll enable it.
Classbar is enabled on all other classes.
- Added Een. It's a Chat settings saver which is implemented inside the installer.
Hopefully this will remove any trouble of having my personal chat settings.
- Added GarrisonMissionManager. Adds a more automatic way of doing missions.
- Added Hetsig-Install & Hetsig-ElvUI-Tweaks addons. Installer and some UI tweaks.
Added a tweak to make ArtifactBar's Framestrata to "MEDIUM" instead of ElvUI's LOW default.
(This will make the ArtifactBar NOT to hide under Minimap when you press the minimap.)
- Added WorldQuestTracker again. Think i forgot it last time.
- Added ElvUI_SmartQuestTracker again. I removed it due to it automatically zoned in on the
current location, making it impossible to zoom out and look at other things while flying around.
Seems to be fixed but i'll have a look if it acting up again. This should clean up your QuestLog
and only show quests in that zone. You can manually override tracked quest by manually tracking
some of them.

1.13b - Reverted font changes.

1.13 - Updated addons.
- Changed Damage font and Name font
(should look somewhat cleaner now. If it looks weird you can tell me in the
comments and i'll change them back. in order to update the fonts after
installation you need to restart the game. not sure why it doesn't support
a logout or a reloadui :/.)
- Turned off "Open All" in Postal since Blizzard UI has a button for it now.
(it overlapped with the Postal button and looked weird)
- Some minor changes could be present but shouldn't change anything drastic.
- Added MoveAnything
(it's only used to push down some stuff from the experience bar. Example is in
Hellfire Peninsula, the 3 towers were the same horizontal alignment as the experience bar.
MoveAnything will push those right under the experience bar)
- Added ParagonReputation. It adds a blue progress bar to reputation tab which looks slicker.
- Removed WorldQuestGroupFinder since it caused server lag and it's basically obsolete now
since blizzard disabled some of the features. There's a button to get groups anyway.
- Switched AddonSkins rev from Tukui to Curse. Apparently the errors it gave went away
when i did this. Less lag!

1.12b - Fixed SavedVariable for ElvUI.lua

1.12 - Updated to 7.2.0 (sorry for slow update)
- Updated addons.
- Changed Raid frame behaviour.
When 6+ players Raid40 will be enabled instead of normal Raid.
This is to prevent some people not showing up in the raid frame
if raid leader puts someone in group 6 while under 26 people.
(stand ins as an example)
- AdvancedInterFaceOptions is using the new tab targeting system since the old one
seems to bug out more than it helps. Targeting wrong targets as an example.
- Let me know if the chat-cache.txt fix in the ReadMe.txt still works.
I had some problems copying my chat settings to a toon. If there's
problem with it i'll update again with an addon that will fix it. (hopefully ^_^)

- ElvUI's 10.44 updated some font settings (XP, Artifact and more) so updated to the correct font.
- Added !BugGrabber to the addon list.
- Added BugSack to the addon list.
- Added WorldQuestGroupFinder to the addon list.

- Updated some addons for 7.1.5. Keep them updated at all times!
- Minor changes to the UI but nothing big. I'm happy with the current UI setup.
- Removed Zygor profile.
- Added BloodTrader addon.

- Fixed UI for patch 7.1.
- ElvUI's update did fix the name Text on Pet and Focus unitframes to not overlap Castbar (yay!).
- The ElvUI did however make the Target Castbar to have higher Framestrata than the health text.
Not sure how to fix it yet since there's no Strata option for the castbar or the health text.
- Added BigWigs for WoD content.

- Zone Ability was incorrectly placed.
- Fixed Focus Castbar and Pet Castbar as good as i could. Will try to make it work better in the future.

- Switched update method again because i'm an idiot for not using the ElvUI profile importer.
- Added "Angrykeystones" addon to the UI.
- Updated Target Castbar Frame Stratas to fix the change ElvUI made in 10.22.
- Changed Health Value scaling to blizzard's original scaling. 1-999, 1k-9999k, 10m >.
- Disabled order hall bar pushing everything down again. As there's room for it i didn't see the need
to push anything down. Can be enabled if you want though.
- Some various changes that i might have forgotten.

- Switched update method. New and edited files can be found under "_Update x.xx" folder.
since your profile keys isn't in the new elvui.lua you will need to type
'/reflux switch Hetsig' again.
- Removed Name text on target Unit Frame.
- ElvUI 10.20 added Order Hall databar move again so i enabled it.
- It also screwed up bag placement so i moved them again.
- Enabled clearing of search text on bags when you close the bag frame.

- Since ElvUI changed bag alignment for some reason i redid the positions for it.
- Removed the obsolete and old ElvUI_Enhanced and added the new one for legion.
(not sure if this one is working 100% with 10.19 since there's no options for it
but it'll feed on my old settings for now.)
- ElvUI also changed the class hall bar so it won't push the map down. If you don't
like the new position for it you can disable it in settings.

- Switch number values to not convert 1000k to 1m (thanks to bcranton for helping me.)
- Moved coordinates on worldmap to topleft instead of bottomleft.
- Added WorldQuestTracker addon.

- Enabled Artifact bar and put it right above Hotbar 2.
- Enabled Stance Bar which is right above castbar with mouseover.
- Minor tweaks.

- Deleted ElvUI & ElvUI_Config. Can be downloaded at http://www.tukui.org/dl.php.

1.01 - Fixed Raid frames so when it goes from 25 players to 26
it'll hide the Raid Frame and only show 40-man Raid Frame.
- Moved 40man Raid frame slightly.
- Updated some addons.

1.00 - Initial Release
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This is hella close to something I would make if I could. I may just end up giving this one a try.
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