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Version: 1.4
by: Gello [More]

Selective Target History

The purpose of this mod is to increase flexibility in targetting by saving a short configurable history of your last five targets.

__ Useage __

By default (you can change these behaviors):
- All targets will appear on the hit list as you target a new unit. The previous units are pushed down the history, with the oldest target discarded.
- Targets that haven't been targeted in some time will leave the hit list automatically.
- Health/mana updates are not always available if you're not targetting a unit or your pointer doesn't happen across the unit. The health/mana bars will fade from solid bars to transparent as time goes on, as a visual indicator of the accuracy of the unit's health/mana.

You can go back to these targets in a few ways:
- Clicking on the target's portrait
- Hitting the key binding you define for that target
- Cycling through the targets with a key binding you define
- Clicking on an already-targetted pet in the hit list will attempt to target the pet's owner

__ Options and Advanced Uses __

To access options, right-click any portrait or the titlebar, then choose Options.

Fade timers: By default, the health/mana and target itself will fade over time due to lack of updates. If you prefer, you can uncheck either or both of these to keep the information always on screen.

Allowed units: These options define what units will appear by themselves on the hit list. For instance:
- You can uncheck all but 'Friendly' and 'Pets' and only friendly pets will automatically add to the hit list, creating a 'party' of pets for healing.
- You can uncheck all but 'Hostile', 'Players', 'Pets' and all classes, and only targets you're interested in during PvP will automatically add to the hit list.
- You can uncheck all but 'Hostile', 'Players' and 'Priests', and accumulate a hit list of the 5 most recent priests you ran across in PvP.
- You can uncheck everything and then only units you actively add with the 'Add Target' key binding will appear on the hit list.

You can also 'Lock Targets' from the right-click menu on any portrait (or key binding). This will freeze your current set of targets so that no more targets will automatically add themselves. This is mostly for temporary freezes, to prevent a target of interest from dropping off the history. For permanently restricting the hit list, uncheck all allowed units as mentioned above.

Note: Classes only apply to player characters. If everything is unchecked except 'Hostile' and 'Priests', then no units will ever automatically appear if 'Players' is unchecked.

Mouseover Targeting: With this option set, units you mouseover will add to the hit list. As an example:

- Uncheck all allowed units except Hostile, Player and Priest
- Check Mouseover Targeting

Now, you can scan the battlefield with the mouse and your hit list will fill with hostile priests. (Sorry priests!)

There are more uses to the mod than this. For instance you can create a true toggle target key by binding HitList "Target 2", that will work for hostile or friendly or a mix. A raidleader can use it to set assists for sets of mobs with unique names. A lone priest in a 10-person raid can put the other group on the hit list and lock the list for a second party frame. (On test now and after 1.5 client patch, their hp/mana will update without having to mouseover or target them)

__ Limitations __

In WoW, targets do not have a unique id available to us. We can reliably return to the last hostile target, but there is no way to reliably return to the hostile target before that if others with the same name are around.

Upshot: In PvE, this mod will not reliably return to mobs of identical names. There's no avoiding it. If it needs to go back to a previous target (ie, an attempted target failed) it will reliably return to the previous mob. But until changes are made to WoW it can't be certain it returned to the exact mob you stored into the history.

In PvP or healing groups/raids, the above doesn't apply, since players all have unique names.

__ Changes __
1.4, 7/24/05 - uses new, more reliable TargetLastTarget() and added guild names
1.2, 5/28/05 - minor fix for annoying tooltip bug
1.1, 5/27/05 - when targets locked they won't move in list, making it mimic the party frame more
1.0, 5/26/05 - initial release

This still works - Unit Mods

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Unread 12-21-06, 09:13 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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OMG plz plz somebody update this mod to work with 2.0
need this for arena
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Unread 12-16-06, 08:31 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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nope.. says it's incompatible
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Unread 12-12-06, 02:19 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Does it still work with the 2.0 patch?
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