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Ace Development Kit  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 1.2
by: Kaelten [More]

This is a resource for developers interested in using Ace.

It contains the following:


The documentation is still very much a work in progress. Right now there is a usage manual that is fairly complete and covers the basics of Ace. A comprehensive reference manual in the works.


There are two examples provided in this kit. Combined with the Usage.txt manual, you will hopefully have everything you need to start working with Ace.

AceHello - A pointless variation on the hello world examples. It displays a greeting each time you enter a zone. This addon should let you test out the basic features of Ace. It is also thoroughly documented, so it is a good place to start looking at Ace code.

Coins - This is a functional and fairly robust addon that informs you when you gain or lose money. It uses a lot more of Ace than AceHello, so it can be viewed as a more advanced example.


Baic - This template contains most of the basic Ace features. It is actually a fully functioning template that can be dropped into your AddOns folder as-is.

RowneTemplate - This is a template contributed by Rowne. It covers a lot more of Ace's uses and is very comprehensive.


AceUtil is a collection of functions that can be copied into individual addons. It allows these functions to be shared among addons without the need to distribute the entire library. But only one copy of the function stays resident in memory, so there is no waste of space from duplicate functions. See the AceUtil directory for more information.


AceDebug provides debug options. Currently it is limited to displaying debug messages that are included in the addons, but it will have more advanced features in the future.

* Allows you to turn debug message display on and off per addon.
* Having the debug handling in a separate addon rather than embedded in Ace allows you to pepper your code with debug messages and not worry about forgetting to comment them out or turn off your own debug handler.

-- Updated for Ace version 1.2

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