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Fizzwidget Feed-O-Matic  Popular! (More than 5000 hits)

Version: 7.0.2
by: Gazmik [More]

As my Hunter friends can readily attest, keeping a wild pet can be a full-time job. Why, just feeding the critter when he gets hungry can throw off your routine -- you've got to rummage around in your bags, find a piece of food, make sure it's appropriate for his diet, and check your aim before tossing it to him (lest you accidentally destroy a tasty morsel). So inconvenient! Not to mention potentially dangerous... you don't want to spend so long digging through your bags that you or your pet become someone else's snack.

Never fear, Gazmik Fizzwidget is here with a new gadget to automate all your pet-food-management tasks! My incredible Feed-O-Matic features state-of-the-art nutritional analyzers to make sure your pet's hunger is satisfied with a minimum of fuss, advanced selective logic to make your pet doesn't eat anything you have another use for, and a weight optimizer to make sure the food in your bags stays well organized! You can have it automatically feed your pet when needed -- or, if you're worried about running out of food while you take a nap, you can opt to manually press the "Feed Now" button and it'll intelligently choose a food and accurately toss it to your pet. This is actually one of the first gizmos I started work on... but because I'm a perfectionist I haven't considered it ready for release until now.


Makes feeding your pet quick, easy, and fun:

  • Bind a key to "Feed Pet", and Feed-O-Matic will automatically choose an appropriate food and give it to the pet whenever you press it.
  • Alternately, Feed-O-Matic creates a button next to the default UI's pet frame -- click this button to feed the pet.
  • Can use an emote to notify you when it's feeding your pet, with custom randomized messages. See FeedOMatic_Emotes.lua to customize them to your characters!

Helps you manage all the pet food in your inventory:
  • Keeps track of which foods your pet likes more, and prioritizes "better" foods when choosing what to feed the pet. Also makes sure not to use foods your pet has "outgrown" or foods not appropriate to your species of pet.
  • If you're on a quest to collect several of a certain item which also happens to be something your pet likes to eat, Feed-O-Matic can avoid consuming it. (Unless you're carrying more than is needed for the quest or there's nothing else for your pet to eat.)
  • Manages four major categories of foods: Conjured food (free if you befriend a mage), Basic food (just restores health; found at many vendors), "Well Fed" food (has bonus effects when you eat it; often comes from cooking), and Raw food (things that aren't edible for you, but are for your pet; often used as cooking ingredients). Feed-O-Matic looks for food in this order (Conjured, Basic, Well Fed, then Raw), to prioritize the food that's cheapest (both in terms of cost to you and potential usefulness). You can use the Feed-O-Matic Options panel to avoid feeding your pet entire categories of food, or to avoid just specific foods.
  • Feed-O-Matic keeps track of what foods are used by Cooking recipes. The Feed-O-Matic Options panel shows which foods are ingredients for which recipes, so you can choose to avoid feeding things to your pet that you'd rather cook for yourself.
  • All other things being equal, Feed-O-Matic will try to pick foods from smaller stacks, making sure your food supply doesn't take up all your bag space. When your bags get close to full, Feed-O-Matic will start ignoring other criteria and always choosing the smallest stack so that you won't run out of inventory sooner.

Caveats, etc.:
  • Feed-O-Matic uses a database of many known foods, but it's not guaranteed to be comprehensive. (Please drop me a line if you find a food that should be on there, or discover that something on the list shouldn't be there or is listed as the wrong food type.)
  • Feed-O-Matic gets its list of Cooking recipes the first time you open your Cooking window. Until then, the Feed-O-Matic Options panel won't show whether foods are used in Cooking.
  • Feed-O-Matic's feed button is attached to the default UI's pet frame. Other addons can remove its functionality by removing that frame -- however, many such alternate UIs offer the ability to set custom macro actions for their frames. If your UI allows such, setting a button's action to `/click FOM_FeedButton` will allow clicking it to invoke Feed-O-Matic's pet-feeding action.

v. 7.0.1 - 2016/08/29
- Added support for Mechanical pets in 7.0/Legion. The "mechanical bits" food list is partly guesswork -- please send feedback if you see any issues.
- Updated locale support: You can now add custom emotes in FeedOMatic_Emotes.lua for Mists, Warlords, and Legion beasts, and in all WoW languages including Chinese, Korean, and Italian.

v. 7.0 - 2016/08/27 - Dedicated to Mania of www.wow-petopia.com
- Updated to support WoW Patch 7.0 and Legion.
- Added Legion foods. Many of these are untested guesses for food category -- please send feedback if you see any issues.
- Added Warlords of Draenor foods. Better late than never?
- Redesigned to no longer use LibPeriodicTable. (Outsourcing list maintenance to a third-party library only meant I had to be the one updating the library... which is more complicated than keeping my own list.)
- The option to avoid foods used as Cooking ingredients is disabled; it may return in a future version.
- The Feed Pet button now shows the number remaining in your inventory for the selected food.

v. 6.0 - 2014/10/14
- Updated for WoW Patch 6.0.
- Does not yet include Warlords of Draenor food information. This will be added in a forthcoming release.

v. 5.2 - 2013/03/05
- Updated TOC to indicate compatibility with WoW Patch 5.2.

v. 5.1.1 - 2012/12/28
- *Actually* updated TOC to indicate compatibility with WoW Patch 5.1. Oops.
- Fixed an error that could occur if you had a caged battle critter in your bags.

v. 5.1 - 2012/12/19
- Updated TOC to indicate compatibility with WoW Patch 5.1.
- Includes updated PeriodicTable library -- nearly all Pandaren foods are now supported.
- Fixed errors that could occur when showing the Feed-O-Matic Options UI.

v. 5.0.2 - 2012/09/30
- Includes updated PeriodicTable library with support for the delicious foods of Pandaria.

v. 5.0.1 - 2012/08/30
- Fixed a "blocked action" error when applying glyphs since WoW Patch 5.0.

v. 5.0 - 2012/08/28
- Updated TOC to indicate compatibility with WoW Patch 5.0.
- Note: does not include new Mists of Pandaria foods; as of the current beta, such foods cannot be fed to pets (so there's little point in having Feed-O-Matic attempt to use them).

v. 4.3.1 - 2012/01/04
- Now supports the Brazilian Portuguese localization of the WoW client thanks to data from pt.wowhead.com. (Only the client-specific strings needed for functionality under Portuguese are translated; if you'd like to help provide a translation for Feed-O-Matic's own UI text, see the localization.lua file.)

v. 4.3 - 2011/11/29
- Updated TOC to indicate compatibility with WoW Patch 4.3.

v. 4.2 - 2011/06/28
- Updated TOC to indicate compatibility with WoW Patch 4.2.
- WoW Patch 4.2 makes the Interface Options window much bigger -- now there's room for all of Feed-O-Matic's options (including the food preferences table) on one pane.
- Fixed an issue where the Feed Pet button would show for pets that aren't hunter-tamed beasts -- e.g. quest pets, vehicles, etc.
- The Feed-O-Matic options panel no longer appears if Feed-O-Matic is loaded on a non-hunter character.
- Options now default to being shared across all characters; see the Options Profile panel if you'd prefer per-character, per-server, or per-class settings. (This change may not take effect if you already have saved options; choose the Default options profile if you'd prefer this behavior)

v. 4.1.3 - 2011/05/15
- Added an option to hide the button Feed-O-Matic adds to the default UI's pet frame -- when the button is hidden, the Feed-O-Matic Feed Pet key binding or macro command `/click FOM_FeedButton` still can be used to feed the pet. (You might find this option useful if using a UI that changes/hides the default pet frame.)
- Feed-O-Matic's key binding now shows the name of the Feed Pet spell (or whatever it's called in your WoW localization) instead of "FOM_FEED".

v. 4.1.2 - 2011/05/02
- The Feed Pet button (added by Feed-O-Matic to the default UI's pet frame) now indicates when Feed Pet is unusable or on cooldown.
- Improvements to the tooltip shown when mousing over the Feet Pet button:
- Now shows more information about what food Feed-O-Matic will use next.
- Text in the tooltip is smaller and a bit more terse.
- Tooltip can be hidden entirely via an advanced user preference: type `/fom notooltip` to disable the tooltip (or enable it again).

v. 4.1.1 - 2011/04/28
- Further changes to support WoW Patch 4.1: Since the Pet Happiness icon in the default UI is no more, Feed-O-Matic puts a new button in its former place next to the pet frame. This button supports all the behaviors we previously added to the pet happiness icon -- click to feed, right-click for options. In addition, the button shows the icon of the food we'll next use for feeding the pet (and as before, can be moused over to identify the food by name).
- When no pet is currently summoned, food quality in the Food Preferences options panel is calculated assuming a pet of level equal to the hunter's (matching a Patch 4.1 change in which pets are always kept at their master's level).
- Adjusted detail and tooltip text in Feed-O-Matic's options panel to reflect the elimination of the happiness mechanic and new behavior of Feed Pet.

v. 4.1 - 2011/04/26
- WoW Patch 4.1 removes the Pet Happiness mechanic; Feed Pet now works only as a large out-of-combat heal. As such, features related to tracking pet happiness and warning when the pet needs feeding have been removed from Feed-O-Matic (which still works great for simplifying the process of feeding a pet).
- New pet families introduced with Patch 4.0 & Cataclysm are now localized for Spanish, German, French, and Russian. (Localized pet family names are used for providing pet-specific feeding emotes; see FeedOMatic_Emotes.lua.)

v. 4.0.4 - 2011/01/07
- Includes an update to the PeriodicTable library fixing an issue where recently added foods were't actually showing up.
- Some of the options in Feed-O-Matic's options panel now provide detailed explanations in tooltips.
- Improvements to the list in Food Preferences (under Feed-O-Matic's options panel):
- The color of a food's name now reflects its quality (how quickly it restores your pet's happiness).
- Foods of the same quality are sorted by name.
- When no pet is currently summoned, food quality is calculated assuming a pet of three levels below yours (previously we assumed five; this matches a change from patch 4.0 in which pets are always kept within three levels of their masters).

v. 4.0.3 - 2011/01/01
- Includes an update to the PeriodicTable library with more foods (Murglesnout, Pygmy Suckerfish, Shimmering Minnow).

v. 4.0.2 - 2010/12/17
- Includes an update to the PeriodicTable library with more Cataclysm foods (including a number of fish and meat items edible by pets but not by players).
- Fixes an issue where FOM wouldn't notice when the pet reached full happiness after feeding (or using Glyph of Mend Pet).

v. 4.0.1 - 2010/12/07
- Includes an update to the PeriodicTable library:
- now includes most Cataclysm foods.
- removed some foods pets don't eat.
- added some pre-Cataclysm foods which weren't included before.
- Fixes an issue where we wouldn't warn that the pet needs feeding immediately after taming.
- Known issue: we don't yet have family-specific hungry sounds for the new pet families introduced with patch 4.0.3a (the Shattering) and Cataclysm. Please send email if there's a sound your new pet makes that you'd like him to make when he's hungry (and know the WoW-internal filename/path for it).

v. 4.0 - 2010/10/11
- Updated for compatibility with WoW Patch 4.0.1 (and Cataclysm Beta).
- NOTE: Cataclysm foods are not yet in the database; they will be provided in a future update.

v. 3.3 - 2009/12/08
- Updated TOC to indicate compatibility with WoW Patch 3.3.
- Reimplemented pet happiness icon "pulse" using new Animation features from recent WoW patches for lower CPU usage.
- Includes an update to the PeriodicTable library and its food lists.

v. 3.2 - 2009/08/04
- Updated TOC to indicate compatibility with WoW Patch 3.2.
- Updated French localization by oXid_FoX.
- Includes an update to the PeriodicTable library and its food lists.

v. 3.1 - 2009/04/18
- Updated TOC to indicate compatibility with WoW Patch 3.1.
- Now uses Ace3 library for saved settings and options UI (any previously saved preferences will be reset to default).
- Includes an update to the PeriodicTable library and its food lists.
- Fixes an issue where a "Can't find Feed Pet spell" message could appear upon login. (The message now only appears if FOM still can't find the spell when you try to feed your pet.)
- Includes possible fix for a blocked/tainted action error I've not been able to reproduce.

v. 3.0.5 - 2009/02/08
- Fixes an error message when attempting to produce a random emote.
- Updated Korean localization by "kelvin Joe".
- Added Russian localization by StingerSoft from WoWInterface.com.
- Updated basic locale support for French, German, and Spanish from Wowhead's databases.
- Includes an update to the PeriodicTable library and its food lists.

v. 3.0.4 - 2008/10/24
- Includes an update to the PeriodicTable library, fixing an issue in which older versions of the library's datasets would override newer versions... which could cause FOM to ignore certain foods.

v. 3.0.3 - 2008/10/18
- Includes an update to the PeriodicTable library and its food lists:
- Fixes subcategory/supercategory linkage issues that caused FOM to ignore certain foods (such as Conjured Mana Biscuit and Naaru Ration).
- Includes all (currently known to Wowhead) new foods from Wrath of the Lich King content.
- Reorganized the Food Preferences panel slightly to account for Wrath of the Lich King foods having more possible cooking products. (Don't like mammoth? Try cooking it differently!)
- Fixed an error that could occur when FOM chooses the next food to use.
- Fixed an issue where FOM wouldn't choose a food (and thus feeding would be unavailable) after reloading the UI.
- Fixed an issue where category headers would inconsistently appear grayed out in the Food Preferences list.
- Items that aren't in the PeriodicTable categories corresponding to the six possible pet diets (i.e. not edible by pets) will no longer show in the Food Preferences list.
- Added more random feeding emotes thanks to the commenters at maniasarcania.com. Feeding emotes can now be made specific to categories of foods (specified by PeriodicTable sets).

v. 3.0.2 - 2008/10/15
- Fixed an bug causing us to ignore diets beyond the first for pets with multiple diets.
- Fixed an error when attempting to play pet hungry sounds.
- Added French random emotes by Laumac from WoWInterface.com.

v. 3.0.1 - 2008/10/14
- Fixed a bug where clicking foods in the new Food Preferences panel (see 3.0 release notes below) wouldn't show them as excluded/unchecked.
- When a category is excluded/unchecked in said panel, the foods within it appear grayed out.

v. 3.0 - 2008/10/14
- Updated for compatibility with WoW Patch 3.0 and Wrath of the Lich King.
- Rebuilt FOM's system for choosing foods to feed your pet:
- Our database of valid pet foods now comes from the PeriodicTable library.
- Priority order for choosing foods is based (in part) on PeriodicTable sets (conjured, basic, or bonus foods, etc.)
- There's now a Food Preferences sub-panel under GFW Feed-O-Matic in the Interface Options window.
- In it, all valid pet foods your WoW client has seen are listed by category.
- The order of categories and foods in the list reflects the priority order for choosing foods: those nearer the top of the list will be picked before those below.
- Individual foods can be unchecked in the list to prevent FOM from feeding them to your pet.
- Entire categories can also be unchecked, which will prevent FOM from using any food of that category (even ones you haven't seen yet). By default, only the "Well Fed" foods are disabled, so be sure to visit the list if you want to exclude other foods.
- The list can be filtered to show only relevant foods for your pet (or for a pet of about your level, if you don't have a pet summoned at the moment) or only foods you're currently carrying.
- If a food can be cooked, the list shows information about each of the the Cooking recipe(s) that use it: whether you know the recipe, its difficulty (i.e. orange, yellow, green or gray in the Cooking window), and the food produced.
- This list replaces the "avoid bonus foods" and "avoid cooking foods" options in previous releases.
- The "keep bag space open" option from previous releases has been removed: given multiple stacks of the same food, FOM will now always consume the smaller stack first so as to free up bag space more quickly.
- Fixed several issues which caused the "Avoid foods needed for quests" option to fail.
- Added numerous random feeding emotes -- thanks to Mania and the creative commenters at http://maniasarcania.com!
- Locale issues:
- The random text added to feeding emotes (e.g. "Yum!", "Good boy!", etc) is now localizable. See the FeedOMatic_Emotes.lua file for details. (Thanks Virshan for a few Spanish.)
- Added Korean localization by Boddalhee of Deathwing (KR).
- Added Spanish localization by Javier Melo.
- Added basic locale support for Russian, and updated basic locale support for French and German, based on Wowhead's multilingual database. (That is, enough translations for all features to work the same as in English, but no localized UI text.)
- Translations are missing for the new and renamed beast families (in WoW 3.0 / WotLK), so the family-specific hungry sounds don't currently work in locales other than English.
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Unread 01-31-07, 12:53 PM  
A Deviate Faerie Dragon

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Re: Feed-o-matic Hotfix

I get this whenever I hover over my bags whenever i activate Feed-O-Matic, there's just nothing that beats it and I'm crippled without it!

Date: 2007-01-31 10:51:01
ID: 51
Count: 1
Message: Error: Original call failed while running hooks:  GameTooltip.SetInventoryItem 
 table: 1204D328
   (tail call): ?
   ..\FrameXML\MainMenuBarBagButtons.lua:88: BagSlotButton_OnEnter()
   [string "CharacterBag1Slot:OnEnter"]:2:
      [string "CharacterBag1Slot:OnEnter"]:1
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Unread 02-01-07, 02:59 AM  
A Kobold Labourer
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no food in bag?

just started using this mod. i have a Dragonhawk that will eat just about anything, i have Tel'Abim Banana's in my pack. the tooltip on it says he love s to eat them, but i keep getting the spam

Dragonhawk is Hungry!
Could not find and food in your bags for Dragonhawk.

I've even turned off all the do not use checks and nothing. =/ going to go find some meat i guess.

does it still feed automatically when pet drops to content?
Last edited by Morgaloth : 02-01-07 at 03:06 AM.
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Unread 02-01-07, 05:55 PM  
A Kobold Labourer
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Underspore Pod

Underspore Pod

My bear will eat these, but FoM doesn't see them as pet food.

I'm THINKING it goes in the Fungus category.
Last edited by Lonarms : 02-01-07 at 05:57 PM.
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Unread 02-19-07, 07:39 AM  
A Murloc Raider
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This is basically not working at all with noob draenei hunters. All the food types are new so all feedomatic does is spam about not having appropriate food types.

I guess it's not that big a deal since noob draenei will integrate into the regular content by lvl 25 or so.
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Unread 04-03-07, 06:56 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Post nOOb On board

I just started using this. My major problem is, if I have 2 items that can be used, how do I select the item I want it to eat? It keeps wanting to feed it a type of food I do not want to waste.
Can someone please help me?
Thank you in advanced.
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Unread 04-07-07, 06:14 AM  
A Murloc Raider

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Ok, I've had this mod for a while now and it has worked perfectly for weeks. However, yesterday I also loaded Venantes (to play with it) and now when I zone into/ out of an instance or zone, it says that I don't have any food for my pet... until I manually feed it. Then it wakes up and counts all the food properly.

There are no error msgs or anything. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
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Unread 05-01-07, 10:16 PM  
A Cyclonian
aiikachi's Avatar

Forum posts: 44
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Hello, recently I've been getting alot of errors from this mod (which is a shame, because I've used it since I started the game.) Here is a copy+paste of the errors from my bugsack:

[2007/05/02 00:13:00-427-x21]: GFW_FeedOMatic\FeedOMatic.lua:370: 'for' limit must be a number
GFW_FeedOMatic\FeedOMatic.lua:1096: in function `FOM_IsUsefulFood'
GFW_FeedOMatic\FeedOMatic.lua:984: in function `FOM_FlatFoodList'
GFW_FeedOMatic\FeedOMatic.lua:998: in function `FOM_NewFindFood'
GFW_FeedOMatic\FeedOMatic.lua:877: in function `FOM_PickFoodForButton'
GFW_FeedOMatic\FeedOMatic.lua:359: in function `FOM_OnEvent'
<string>:"Frame_GFW_FeedOMatic:OnEvent":2: in function <[string "Frame_GFW_FeedOMatic:OnEvent"]:1>

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Unread 06-02-07, 01:10 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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Warp Dragons

I dunno how many of us Hunters out there know this, but the Warp Dragon variety of pets will eat Underspore Pods and love it. While we have free pet food for them, the Feed-O-Matic doesn't recognize this and insists I don't have any food in my packs for poor Shimmergloom. Even after I manually feed it to her it still doesn't recognize them as pet food. Please fix this. = )

To the gentleman with the same issue with his bear, they'd have to be classified as "fruit" since Warp Dragons only eat fish, raw fish and fruit.
Last edited by kaydia : 06-02-07 at 01:12 AM.
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Unread 06-25-07, 02:02 AM  
A Kobold Labourer

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sorry if this is a noob problem but can someone tell me why i can't get this to automaticly feed my pet. i have tryed everything but still my pet goes hungery

can someone help please
Last edited by Niteshadow : 06-25-07 at 02:03 AM.
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Unread 06-25-07, 01:59 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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The automatically feed option hasn't work for a whle. Here's a note left by Gazmik on Curse.

NOTE: Due to changes in WoW patch 1.10, it's no longer possible for UI addons to feed your pet without direct input; the automatic feeding function is thus no longer available in Feed-O-Matic.
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Unread 07-09-07, 02:30 PM  
A Murloc Raider

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Very off topic, but how/where do you get those amazing murlocs?
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Unread 07-17-07, 01:13 PM  
A Kobold Labourer

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As much as I love this concept, it just isn't flexible enough to be usable. I installed it while using my main pet, a boar, and it worked ok when I bound a key and manually fed him. I was feeding him fish - in retrospect, the reason it worked ok was that this fish was the only food item in my pack that was not cooked or did not add a buff of some kind...

The first problem occurred when I killed a few Talbuk and piled up 4 pieces of their meat. I decided that I would use it up first, but this product offered me no way to tell it to switch from the fish to the talbuk steak. The tooltip for the talbuk steak said my pet loved it, but when I pressed the manual feed key it fed him the fish. I tried to add the talbuk steak to the list, but it said it was already on the list. To feed the talbuk steak to my boar, I had to go back to the old way of using the Feed Pet icon and then pointing to the talbuk steak, so I gave up on that idea and went back to letting him eat fish.

This problem was exacerbated when I tamed a scorpid to use for raids. Scorpids eat only meat - the only meat I had in my pack at the time I tamed it was the talbuk steak, and the tooltip said the scorpid loved it, but when I pressed the bound manual feed key, it tried to give him the fish and of course then said he didn't like it. So this is another confirmation that this addon doesn't provide a way to specify/change which food item gets fed to the pet when the manual feed key is pressed. Either that, or the readme left out how to do it, or explained it in such a way that I was not able to identify and grasp it.
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Unread 07-22-07, 01:20 AM  
A Kobold Labourer
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As I reported to the author long ago, this STILL incorrectly detects food levels as of patch 2.0 (food levels were lowered by 1). If you use this addon, you will eventually find that it incorrectly cannot find food for your pet, because it will try to feed it food that is too low level. When authors ignore input and suggestions, I suggest you ignore their broken addons.
Last edited by charroux : 07-22-07 at 07:53 AM.
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Unread 09-29-07, 04:41 AM  

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Prior critique

The feed-level error mentioned below has been fixed with the update to patch 2.2
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Unread 09-30-07, 04:52 AM  
A Cliff Giant
Zidomo's Avatar

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The sound warning in Feed-o-Matic v2.2 is not working in WoW 2.2 live.

Code changes often need to be made to mods to play sound files properly in WoW 2.2. Two workarounds for the problem:




Longer discussion of the issue (Blizzard postings and where the above links were obtained from):

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